1. 1:03

    Eight year-old Max Vertin has a disease that weakens his muscles, but not his imagination....

  2. 1:49

    The latest wedding day trend has brides walking down the aisle clean faced.

  3. 1:25

    Conflict resolution may be easier on a full stomach.

  4. 8:15

    Denise L'Estrange Corbett and Michelle Coursey's best and worst picks from Duchess Catherine's...

  5. 1:34

    Public shaming of Edmond Aviv, a man a judge decided was a big bully.

  6. 8:59

    Part 1: When experts test hypoallergenic claims in selected cats, the results are surprising.

  7. 2:34

    ABC's Juju Chang goes inside a wedding ceremony where 2000 couples exchange vows.

  8. 1:44

    The Duke and Duchess' dog, Lupo, was left at home so a Christchurch company is sending him a...

  9. 2:33

    The Duke and his wife were wined and dined at a state reception, but the question on everyone's...

  10. 2:30

    Research suggests underweight people were 70 percent more likely to die earlier than those battling...

  11. 2:38

    Bentley Motors sells more ultra-luxury cars priced over $100,000 than any other automaker. After a...