Kids Travel
Kids Travel

They may be little darlings, but throw in a long journey and unfamiliar surroundings, and they can quickly become little terrors. Travelling with kids needn't necessarily be a hair-raising experience! Whether you're travelling interstate to see relatives, or heading off on a big family holiday, check out our top tips and kids travel guide to make your upcoming trip an enjoyable one to remember.

* Plan ahead and be prepared. Take it easy, relax, and as with life in general with kids, take each day as it comes
* Take appropriate toys –noisy toys will drive you and the other passengers crazy. Some ideas include playdoh, books, and magnetic doodlers. If you can afford to buy new ones the novelty factor will be greater
* If you're going on a long car trip and your kids get car sick encourage games that make them look out the window like I-Spy
* Buy or borrow a new ‘special' bag for younger children to get them involved and excited about the big trip before you leave
* It goes without saying but accidents do happen! Make sure you have a change of clothes handy for each child if you're travelling with youngsters
* If your child has a favourite toy or comforter make sure you take it in your hand luggage if you're flying that way there won't be any disasters with lost or delayed luggage
* Don't overpack. Hauling heavy luggage around is enough to fray anyone's nerves, kids or no kids!

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