Top Ten Adventure Experiences
Top Ten Adventure Experiences

Diving - People come from all over the world to experience diving in Australian waters. From the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast, to the exquisite Ningaloo Reef in the west, you can experience some of the most magnificent marine life on the planet. Dive courses are readily available, or enjoy a day dive trip available all round Australia.

Four Wheel Driving - For the ultimate in adventure, Australia has some fantastic 4WD destinations including Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park, and Cape York. 4WD vehicles can be hired, or for a more leisurely option, take a tour where you can just sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Surfing - The ultimate Aussie pastime! If underwater thrills aren't your thing then give surfing a go. There's nothing like the thrill of riding a wave, and feeling the ocean rush past below you. Surf schools all over Australia offer stand up guarantees on your first lesson, so why not get out there and give it a go? Warning, surfing is addictive!

Jet Boating - Hold on to your hat! Enjoy the excitement of powering through the water on an extreme jet boat ride. Warning - you may get a little wet! Some great places to enjoy jet boating are the Gold Coast, Sydney Harbour and Perth's Swan River.

Skydiving - Possibly the ultimate adventure? If you're up for the challenge of throwing yourself out of a plane you will experience up to a minute of mind-blowing free-fall ecstasy that is hard to top. When the parachute opens drift peacefully down to earth and enjoy the wonderful views. For the ultimate in amazing scenery, try skydiving in Byron Bay, with jumps over the Pacific Ocean and Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Hot Air Ballooning - For a very relaxing adventure try hot air ballooning. There's something magical about watching the still ground below as you drift past in a hot air balloon, and it's an adventure you will never forget. Some popular hot air ballooning destinations include the Yarra Valley and the Hunter Valley.

White Water Rafting - What could be more bracing than flying down a raging torrent in an inflatable boat clutching an oar and holding on for dear life! For a true action packed adventure, head to Mission Beach to raft down the Tully River, Australia's most famous rafting destination.

Jackaroo/Jillaroo - For a truly Australian adventure, pack your bags and head to Jackaroo/Jillaroo school to experience the Outback on a proper working farm. On this intensive course you can learn to ride and crack a whip like a cowboy, muster sheep and cattle, sleep out under the stars, and learn all about the rural Australian way of life.

Jungle Surfing - Fly through ancient rainforest along a series of flying fox cables and zip lines. You can enjoy a spectacular birds eye view over treetops, listen to the sounds of the rainforest, and experience the thrill of whizzing through the forest. Experience this adventure in the Daintree Rainforest with Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours.

Sailing - Experience the adventure of the open seas on a sailing trip. Australia has some great sailing destinations, and you can enjoy a nautical experience to remember all around the coast. Popular sailing destinations include Sydney Harbour and the Whitsundays.

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