Experience a relaxing escape, in the comfort of your own home!

The thrill of a vacation isn't always where you are going, but the ability to relax and get away from your normal life. A staycation can not only accomplish those goals, but can enrich your life more than an actual vacation, as you can learn more about the area around where you live and can learn to appreciate it the whole year round.

Some of these staycation tips are perfect for school holidays. They'll keep the kids entertained and out of trouble, as well as providing you with some quality family bonding time - without breaking the bank.

Here are some tips for how you can make your staycation one to remember!

1) Explore your home base
Go through your local city magazine or newspaper and pick things to do from the 'what's on' section. You might find a new nightclub, restaurant or a dance or cooking class to attend.

2) Go to a local winery
Where there's land, there's wine. Perform an internet search to find where your nearest winery is and go for a tour and a tasting. This one is especially for the couples who are looking for a romantic getaway without the price tag.

3) Attend local events
Delve into your local cultural or sporting scene and pick a few events to attend. See a small gig, go to a music festival, visit the annual Renaissance fair, support your local footy team - whatever you're into!

4) Use your vacation budget to enrich your whole year
If you've saved up vacation money and then decided to stay home, you are sitting on a goldmine waiting to be spent on items that will better your life. Depending on your budget, you could buy a cappuccino machine, a foot massager, a monthly maid service, a gym membership, patio furniture, an outdoor grill, a mountain bike or a whirlpool tub. This way, instead of one week of relaxation and better living, you can make it last all year.

5) Pamper yourself and be lazy
Get a limo on your night out, hire a maid service to come at the beginning and end of your vacation week, and/or order take out every night. It's important to do things differently during a staycation to make it feel like it's a real break.

6) Get a local suite with a fabulous view for the weekend
It may seem like a vacation to stay in a hotel, but you'll still manage to save on travel costs. Package deals for weekends filled with spa treatments, shopping, adventure or romance are available at the nicest hotels in your closest downtown area. Go to the website for the places that have caught your eye and made you wonder what it would like to be a hotel guest for the weekend.

7) Experience the nature around you
Take a trip just outside of town to go to the beach, mountain bike or have a picnic. Make it a day trip, or even pack up the camping gear and make a week of it! You can usually find places to set up camp for mo more than a few dollars per night (if not free!). No matter where you live, just around the corner there's an area that's just a little more rural.

8) Sign up for a yoga retreat
Many yoga studios offer in-town yoga retreats at parks, gardens, in the mountains or on the beach. This is a great way to stay in shape, meet new people and get back in touch with your body and mind. There is no better way to relax than with a little yoga and meditation, especially when you live in a busy city.

9) Act like a tourist
Whether you live in Las Vegas, New York or Tulsa, someone else thinks you live in the perfect vacation spot. See what the fuss is about by taking a guided tour of your home town or follow tour guide pamphlets from your local tourism bureau.

10) Swap houses with a friend who lives in another part of the city
You've heard of the latest accommodation trend "house-swapping", but who said you had to swap houses with someone in another state or country? Ask around and see if any of your friends would be willing to do a house-swap with you for a week or two. You might be surprised at the new restaurants and activities you will discover with a little change of scenery. Just remember to leave the house clean when you leave, neither of you wants to come home from your staycation to a grubby home!

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