Inside the July 2015 issue of Practical Parenting

Fabulous family food, find out how vaccines save lives and inside the ‘time-out’ debate

Top 10 baby names for 2015

New reports reveal most Australian parents are going down a traditional, rather than trendy, path when it comes to naming their babies this year.

"I didn't want my mum at my labour"

New mum Flavia wanted an intimate setting for the birth of Lucy, but it wasn’t until afterwards that she really understood how it feels to be a mum.

Do you use controlled crying?

It’s a controversial topic, but there are mums who have found sleep solace on both sides of the debate. We talk to two mums about their experience with controlled crying.

Break the baby name rules

Who says you have to choose a name before your child’s birth, or honour his great-grandfather by calling him Irwin? Why not buck tradition and borrow the creative techniques that follow to find the right title for your tyke

Routine vs No Routine

Sticking to a routine or ‘winging it’ depends on the individual. Here, two mums share their different points of view...

Did your baby use a dummy?

The choice whether or not to give your bub a dummy is a highly individual one. Here, two mums share their different points of view...