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October 17, 2011, 12:00 pmnewideanz

With such a full-on job, it's no wonder the radio host turned to therapy


Along with Mike Puru and Dom Harvey, she helps commuters ease their way through the morning traffic, jump-starting our day with bright and breezy quips and silly stunts on The Edge's breakfast show.

But allow Jay-Jay Feeney to set aside her outrageous radio persona for a moment and there lies a woman who's put herself through counselling, including the latest craze of 'tapping', in an effort to bring some order to her crazy life.

'I'm a drama magnet. There is always a new drama in my life and I take on the stress of everything,' Jay-Jay confesses.

'I am trying so hard to get rid of it all. I went to counselling, lightened up some of my workload and tried to get rid of a few people in my life who cause me stress.'

The vivacious presenter is also trying to get closure by finding her biological father. Jay-Jay's mum, Robynne, was just 15 when she fell pregnant to a 22-year-old photographer. She never saw him again.

Family is important to 37-year-old Jay-Jay. She is close to her nana Jacqui Andersen, 81, and regularly visits her in Whitianga. Sadly, Jacqui recently suffered a stroke.

'I rang her, and it must have just happened because she was saying, "Help me, help me, I think I am dying". She had no idea who I was. I was freaking out and rang my cousin who lives around the corner – she went straight there. The doctor said that if I hadn't rung her she probably would have died.'

Jay-Jay and husband, Dom, 38, are desperately trying to start a family. They're raising her eight-year-old nephew Seven because his former jailbird and drug-addict father cannot.

They want a child of their own, but Dom had a tumour in his aorta which has wrecked his fertility, leaving the couple struggling to conceive. They have had four failed IVF attempts and plan to try one more, though the procedure is physically and emotionally draining.

'Dom loves kids. They are drawn to him and he relates to them,' his devoted wife explains. But Jay-Jay leaves all her troubles behind once she steps into the radio studio and turns on the adrenalin.

The lively trio of Mike, Dom and Jay-Jay can persuade listeners to phone in and confess their most bizarre, funny and intimate moments.

They convinced strangers Paula Stockwell and Zane Nicholl to wed live on air after a month-long promotion to find a willing couple. The pair met for the first time at the altar on their big day. They are still together 11 years later and have three beautiful children – Max, 10, Jack, seven, and two-year-old Olive.

It's no wonder Jay-Jay has sought normality in counselling. But the funny woman of the airwaves even jokes about why she eventually ditched an alternative therapy which involves tapping various parts of your body while repeating affirmations.

'I stopped the counselling because I had enough of tapping my forehead,' she says, demonstrating the technique. 'It was just too wacky,' adds Jay-Jay, who's renowned for her bizarre stunts – including playing naked tennis on the streets of Hamilton with only body paint to protect her modesty. 'I'm cracking up all the time I'm in there, tapping my forehead and saying stupid things to myself.

'I went on a parenting course too, and you got a lolly if you did your homework. The way they teach you is just too kooky for me.'

Chickening out of a bungy jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge was a personal low for chirpy Jay-Jay. She agreed to take the challenge for a Wheel of Misfortune stunt and earn $1500 for a single mum who needed cash to buy her daughter a school uniform and other essentials.

But the plucky presenter has a pathological fear of falling and spent an excruciating 30 minutes, live on air, trying to find the courage to jump. 'I was crying and begging the guy to push me,' she recalls. 'I couldn't do it.'

Despite the setback, Jay-Jay celebrated her 17th year on The Edge last month and has a wealth of celebrity anecdotes, plus her hilarious take on life, to share with New Idea readers.

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  1. Hayden09:51am Thursday 09th February 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Its hilarious to read some peoples comments that are put on here. Jay Jay is a person just like the rest of ya. If you were to do her job and share your life to the nation you may find that you have got an equally as interesting if not more stuufed up life than hers. Would you allow people to make comments like tis about you? I think not. The edge is different and funny and thats what makes the station different. So why not get off the station and go listen to talk back. Cause its obvious that you like to hear the sound of your own voices.

  2. sharon04:46pm Sunday 20th November 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Ummm.... pheochromocytoma occurs in the aorta? Are you sure about that New Idea??

  3. 05:56pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Well done Jay Jay, you certainly are a lot of fun, and always cheerful Keep it up

  4. Syreeta05:25pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Isnt it terrible! A wonderful career, fantastic husband, good looks, lots of money. No wonder she needs therapy-Get over yourself

  5. Roberta05:25pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    She's cute and smart and Dom is a nice guy - and the whole show was edgy - I liked it. Like Amanda said above - you have the freedom to change the channel - thus not having to fill your soul with negative comments. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and their antics on my 40 minute ride to work every morning. Keep it up guys, and Mike too.

  6. Syreeta05:23pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Isn't it terrible. having a wonderful husband, fantastic career, good looks, lots of money. Man no wonder she feels so down. Get the hell over it i say-

  7. Michael05:07pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    She only has herself to blame - courts 'fame' and publicity wherever and whenever, everything she does and says is overcooked, overblown, ridiculous and pathetically immature - like 3 years old immature. It's 'me me me' and then she moans 'cause she is so hard done by and stressed. TRY OVEREXPOSED. Waste of space, go and buy a farm in the wops and get a life.

  8. Simon05:07pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Ohhh Dear, We should have hug an infertile couple day.

  9. 1 10
    Osteopath04:36pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    i did change it you muppet, its not horrible or immature, it just take some happy pills and a few deep breaths luv.....

  10. amanda04:10pm Monday 17th October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    To ALL you nasty people if you dont like their radio station then learn how to change the channel to a different station!!!!! What yous are saying is horrible you say they act immature LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!

    2 Replies

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