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The issue's come up during select committee hearings on Labour MP Louisa Wall's bill that would allow same sex marriage

Coast Community Church spokesman Paul Barris has responded to arguments made by the bill's supporters that people who love each other should be able to get married regardless of their sexuality.

"Love doesn't play any role in actual marriage. You don't actually have to love someone in order to marry them today."

Paul Barris says if that needs to be changed then we'd need a robust debate about where marriage is and where it should be

He says his church would prefer gay marriages not happen in their halls because they want the use of their property in line with their beliefs and reputation.

It sparked this exchange with gay Green MP Kevin Hague:

"My gay cycling club that I'm a part of, we want to have an end of year function, we want to hire your hall - will you hire your hall to us?"

"As a general rule, not because it's gay or not, but no we don't actually get into that type of activity."

The impact of same sex marriage on population growth's come up at public hearings on same sex marriage legislation.

National MP Kanwalijt Bakshi Singh's asked visiting human Rights Watch spokesman, and same sex marriage advocate, Boris Dettrich if the law change could see population growth slow.

He says males and females are needed to reproduce children and asks how could same sex couples do that.
Mr Dettrich says same sex couples are capable of raising children and children can also be born outside of marriage.

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