Source: Wind Games 2017/Facebook
Source: Wind Games 2017/Facebook

A teenager was filmed flipping and whirling around a wind tunnel in a blur of white spandex - and it looks like something out of a scene from The Hunger Games.

Poland's Maja Kuczynska was a human elastic band as her body twisted and flung through the air in 230km/h winds during an indoor skydiving competition.

The 16-year-old blew judges away with her stunning display and won bronze for her solo freestyle section at the 2017 Wind Games - the international indoor skydiving championships - and her video has gone viral on social media.

"We all look crazy in this pic but thank you for a wonderful competition everyone, I ended up third place because of a monumental (mess up) on the second compulsory round, I freaked out and forgot to do a compulsory move and lost almost half my points," Maja wrote on Facebook after the event.

"Whoops. It happens to anyone I'm just happy I got to have the highest score for the free round."

Maja Kuczynska (pictured) is sponsored by Red Bull and came third in the event held in February. Source: Wind Games 2017/Facebook
Maja blew judges away with her stunning display inside the wind tunnel. Source: Wind Games 2017/Facebook

The Wind Games 2017 is a Red Bull-sponsored event took place in Spain from February 3-4.

Competitors wear an an aerodynamic suit and jump into a vertical wind tunnel where they pull of insane and ludicrous trucks, according to the website.

The event gives the combination of art and sport a whole new meaning and even the promotional poster looks like it is something out of The Hunger Games.

The Wind Games 2017 promotional poster. Source: Wind Games 2017/Facebook
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