A breastfeeding mother was horrified to realise she had unwittingly been depriving her newborn of sustenance after doctors assured her her milk supply was perfectly normal.

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Mum goes viral after sneaking out of her baby's nursery


VIDEO Don't wake the baby! Credit: Facebook/Tyrone Morris Mum goes viral after sneaking out of her baby's nursery

Because she had "flat nipples", Mandy had struggled to get her son to breastfeed correctly – but she was assured everything was fine, even after he had gained just 15 grams by the time he was one month old.

By one month, Mandy's son had gained just 15 grams. Source: Facebook/Fed Is Best

Desperate to continue breastfeeding despite her growing anxiety that her son was suffering, Mandy, who wrote about the experience in a blog post, battled on.

"My mom called me one day, and I was on the verge of a mental break down when she said, 'he needs you to be healthy and sane far more than he needs breast milk.' It was in that moment that I felt a little bit of weight lift off my shoulders. I made an appointment to talk to his doctor about not breastfeeding.

"I was having a really hard time accepting it and was worried that she might push me to keep breastfeeding."

Instead, Mandy's paediatrician suggested she move to formula.

"Her beautiful response: 'You’ve tried harder than 99% of the moms I’ve worked with to make breast feeding work, and it’s totally OK if you stop and exclusively formula feed.'" Mandy wrote.

"I cried in her office because that was the validation and permission I was looking for. I tried so hard to breastfeed my baby, but it was certainly not what was best for either of us. By his two-month appointment, he had more than doubled his weight and at 6 months he is back to being a happy, observant, content baby and so far meeting his milestones right on schedule."

By month two, he had doubled his birth weight. Source: Facebook/Fed Is Best

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