Are you the kind of person who starts the week with all the best workout intentions? Barre class? Hells yes. Yoga? You’re there. A run in the park? Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.

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Khloe Kardashian's better butt workout


VIDEO Khloe Kardashian's better butt workout. Source: Vogue Khloe Kardashian's better butt workout

But then, as the week goes on, your enthusiasm levels drop and you find yourself not really exercising that much at all.

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Now, a new study has revealed it’s not actually the end of the world if you miss a few sessions during the week – so long as you do exercise.

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The study looked at 63 591 adults and their cause of deaths (a bit grim, but all in the name of science) and found the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease and cancer were all significantly lower in those who were insufficiently active, the so-called weekend warriors who exercise in their spare time, and the regularly active.

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According to researchers, as long as you do some exercise, say, one or two sessions a week, you’re covered.

“It is very encouraging news that being physically active on just one or two occasions per week is associated with a lower risk of death, even among people who do some activity but don’t quite meet recommended exercise levels,” said study author Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis.

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For those who are curious, the recommended amount is 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, so all you need to do is a couple of walks on the weekend, and exercise is sorted.

Sounds good to us!

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