She was the incredibly inspiring army corporal who not only made it through 54 days of Australian Survivor but managed to find love along the way, and now El Rowland has opened up about her debilitating struggle with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after welcoming her son Darcy.

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Australian Survivor contestants open up


It’s something the mum feels so passionate about, she’s since revealed she’s quitting the army after over a decade to launch her “Belle of the Ashes” support program.

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“I am saying goodbye to 13 years of serving my country full time to welcoming a new season of bringing hope into the lives of those who need it. Particularly young women,” El wrote on Instagram.

Survivor star El has opened up about her mental illness battles following the birth of her son, Darcy. Photo: Instagram/elerowland_

Helping young women is something El feels passionate about, following her struggle with mental illness following Darcy’s birth in 2012.

El shot to fame after she came third in the latest season of Australian Survivor. Photo: Twitter/Survivor_AU

“It was at my most rawest point, where I lost all my identity, hope and didn't know who I was anymore,” she told the Daily Mail.

El served in the army for 13 years and has been posted all over the world. Photo: Instagram/elerowland_

“I almost died in those months I was suffering and being tortured by my mind.”

The 33-year-old's struggle with “PTSD, panic attacks and depression” came following a posting to Brisbane.

Following her own struggles, El became determined to help others. Photo: Instagram/elerowland_

For the young mum, who has been deployed to countries such as Indonesia, the UK and Lithuania during her long career, her story has inspired her to reach out and help others.

El found love with fellow Survivor contestant Lee. Photo: Instagram/elerowland_

“I managed to get through it and learnt how to think and have a beautiful mind again,” El explains.

The couple have three kids between them. Photo: Instagram/elerowland_

For El, who found love with fellow Survivor contestant and dad-of-two Lee Carseldine, it seems the dark days are behind her as the couple blend their families with “ just the right mix of chaos and love”.

Pictured here with Darcy, Elena reveals Lee has stepped in to become "the best Dad in the world" for her son. Photo: Instagram/elerowland_

“So blessed to have this amazing man in our lives. He is literally the best Dad in the world and such a inspiration to do life with,” El posted on Instagram.

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