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The brand calls them the greatest running shoe ever, part of its “energy running revolution”, citing an intuitive ability to adjust to a runner’s stride, delivering unrivalled energy return, superior support and adaptive comfort over hundreds of kilometres, in virtually any environment.

It almost sounds too good to be true. Until you try them. They are adidas’ answer to athletes’ call for more energy, featuring 20 per cent more BOOST cushioning material (the highest energy return cushioning in the running industry), and thousands of unique energy capsules to deliver consistent performance.

A runner’s foot can remarkably expand up to 10 mm or more in width while running. When restrained, this expansion can cause severe discomfort, friction and the leading injury in running, blisters.

Running in the Ultra BOOST shoes makes the often-arduous task as close to a breeze as it can be, they are incredibly comfortable, and best of all, they (and the original BOOSTs) stand to be the only running shoes that have never given me blisters.

The blister-free run is due to the shoes’ innovative ‘primeknit’ pattern, providing comfortable support in less expansive areas of the foot and adaptive stretch where it’s needed to deliver maximum comfort, while the ‘stretch web’ outsole adapts and stretches to your foot strike and movement.

Ultra BOOST also features an entirely new heel construction that frees the natural movement of the Achilles tendon, and a carefully tuned external heel counter that comfortably cradles the foot and adapts to the high extension of the Achilles. A new featherweight sock liner adapts to the runner’s natural foot form, for a customised fit and feel.

Another welcome adaptation from the original BOOST is the built in tongue. Quite honestly, the best running shoes ever.

Ultra BOOST is available now at, adidas Sport Performance stores and select retailers, RRP $250.

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