Interestingly, sugar has been used to remove hair ever since the time of the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

The slave girls would boil a toffee-like paste of sugar, lemon and water which they formed into a ball. As it was rolled over the skin, it took the hairs with it.

Fast forwarding to this century, the practice of sugaring was revived when businesswoman Bernadette Soares took a recipe her grandmother had handed down to her and adapted it to create the Pharo Sugaring System for salon use.

It works in much the same way as traditional waxing – the sugar gel is either rolled over the area with a cartridge or applied from a pot with a spatula.

The warm sugar formula opens the pores and adheres to the hairs, allowing them to be removed from the roots.

The company's national trainer, Pauline Sharman, is a master in the technique.

'Because it doesn't have to be used as hot as a wax, it's quite a comfortable and pampering experience,' Pauline says. 'And the best thing for clients is that they experience very little redness afterwards, if any.'

Benefits of sugaring

- The gel used in sugaring is all-natural and contains sugar, aloe vera, water, manuka honey, kiwifruit nectar and lemon juice.
- Sugar gel is used at body temperature, so there's no risk of burning the skin.
- The gel attaches to the hair, not the skin.
- It's water soluble and simply washes off, leaving no sticky residue.
- Sugaring can be used on all body parts.
- Because sugaring is so gentle, it's excellent for those with sensitive skin.

Post-treatment care

Because this type of hair removal opens up the hair follicle, bacteria can get in and cause a condition called folliculitis, or inflammation of the hair follicle. Therefore, it's important to:

- Stay out of the sun for 12 hours.
- Avoid spa pools for the same amount of time.
- Do not immediately use perfume or deodorants on the area.
- Exfoliate once or twice a week to prevent ingrown hairs.


'It's not the best time to have a sugaring treatment when you're menstruating, are highly stressed or are taking antibiotics because it's more painful.'

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