She has a passion for Twilight's Rob Pattinson, admires movie legend Audrey Hepburn, loves shopping for vintage clothes, likes Lily Allen and adores riding her horse.

At 13, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof is a refreshingly regular teenager – and that's guaranteed to put a smile on the face of her famously grumpy adoptive dad, Live Aid hero Bob Geldof.

His own children, grown-up daughters Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie, have been dubbed 'the Boomtown Brats' for their bad behaviour and headline-grabbing ways. But Tiger, the orphaned child of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and Bob's ex-wife Paula Yates, shows no sign of following in her half-sisters' stiletto-clad footsteps.

'She's not an extrovert or exhibitionist like Peaches and Pixie,' a close family friend reveals. 'She would have to be the least of Bob's worries with regard to how his other kids have fared.

'He and Tiger share a really close relationship. In fact, it was Tiger who asked Bob to adopt her. It ended up taking a couple of years, because he wanted to make sure it's what she really wanted.'

A tragic beginning

Tiger was only 16 months old when her sexy, charismatic father Michael was found hanging in a Sydney hotel room at the age of 37.

Her distraught mother Paula, having lost a bitter battle with Bob for custody of her three other girls, died from a heroin overdose just 34 months later. It was September 17, 2000 – Pixie's 10th birthday.

Tiger, aged four, was alone when she discovered her 41-year-old mother's body and somehow managed to call for help.
By rights, she ought to be traumatised. But according to a friend of Bob's, Tiger is extremely well adjusted – despite long-running problems between the Geldof and Hutchence clans.

'She's smart and charming, and has real joie de vivre,' the friend says. 'Of course she has a bunch of girlfriends she hangs out with, but she's focussed on her future career rather than socialising. She loves her half-sisters, but I don't think she'll turn out like them.'

Finding her feet

Sometime-model Pixie, 19, is often sighted falling in and out of London nightclubs, while Peaches, 20, already has a quickie marriage behind her. Even 26-year-old Fifi, a full-time PR-girl and considered the most down-to-earth of the trio, was recently warned by police for possession of cannabis.

But Tiger avoids the limelight, except when it comes to her passion – drama. With composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's wife as her godmother, she lends a helping hand behind the scenes in the theatres of London's West End.

'She's quite shy in some ways, but she excels in drama at school, even being offered a scholarship on the strength of her acting,' our source explains.

'Tiger has recently done work experience on a couple of West End productions, including the musical La Cage Aux Folles, where she assisted with the lighting. Her next assignment is on Petrushka, so she's really keen. Tiger has been warned there's no money
in theatre, but she just laughs. There's definitely some form of show business in her blood, but I don't know if it's music. She may take a backstage role, as she gets butterflies when she performs.'

Former Boomtown Rats singer Bob and his partner, French actress Jeanne Marine, are giving Tiger all the time she needs to fine-tune her future career.

For now, she's busy studying at a Catholic school in Clapham in south-east London, where she is an A-grade student – except for maths. And her life is low-key at home in the neighbouring suburb of Battersea, where she lives with her nanny in a self-contained area downstairs from Bob and Jeanne.

Big sister Fifi recently moved back in after splitting up with her boyfriend of seven years, much to Tiger's excitement.

'She thinks Peaches is a bit crazy, but she's very fond of Fifi and Pixie,' the family friend says. 'Tiger also has a really good relationship with Bob and Jeanne.'

Together, they spend a great deal of their time travelling. Globetrotting Bob, a 58-year-old multi-millionaire, has a country house in Kent as well as another residence in France.

Just a regular girl

But the man who refused to give his elder daughters pocket money when they were younger – Peaches once famously compared her father to 'an Irish potato famine miser' – is nothing if not frugal.

Tiger is encouraged to walk everywhere, or catch the bus and train if it's a longer trip. And it's not at all uncommon to find her rummaging through the vintage fashion bargains at one of London's famous street markets, such as Portobello Road.

'She hardly ever gets recognised,' the family friend says. 'That's all the more amazing when you look at her. With her long dark hair and big brown eyes, she's virtually a Michael Hutchence clone.'

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