Kelvin Cruickshank is so in tune with his new partner Margarita Politis that he sensed something was wrong and texted her a quick message, 'Hey babe, are you alright?'

Although they had known each other only a few months, their intense bond was such he could tell there was something troubling her - but even Kelvin wasn't prepared for the news that they were going to have a baby.

Margarita's caution had come because they were only 12 weeks into their relationship and had agreed they didn't want any more children in their now blended family.

But the 38-year-old medium was over the moon. New Idea columnist Kelvin was in Dunedin for one of his shows when he sent Margarita the text.

'I got a reply saying "fine". As a bloke you start thinking, "What's going on?" I never thought of kids because we'd agreed not to have them, so I moved on trying to figure out what was wrong,' Kelvin says, speaking exclusively to New Idea.

Shocking news

The pair had recently moved in together and was content raising their two children - Kelvin's son Javan, 14, and Margarita's five-year-old daughter Isabella.

But when Margarita, 41, told Kelvin she was going to fly to Dunedin to tell him her news the suspense was too much. He phoned back and demanded to know what was happening.

'I said, "I can't move on with the rest of my day because it's killing me." That's when Margarita told me. I was so happy.'

A month prior, Kelvin had taken her to Matakana for one of his live shows. It was the first time Margarita had been in the audience and a child spirit visited Kelvin on stage.

'There were 220 people there and I was doing readings. Every now and then an energy appeared as a beautiful white light with a tinge of purple across it - that's how I see a child in spirit,' he explains.

'For that to manifest into me being able to see it, it will change form but this never did and every time I felt this child, I'd look up and see Margarita.'

But although Kelvin told her about the child spirit on the way home, the couple laughed it off. Now tests have revealed that their child was conceived on that very weekend.

'When they gave us the conception date I almost fell over. It blew my mind. I'm a medium and that's what I do for a living. It happens to other people but for me to make myself gobsmacked is crazy,' Kelvin exclaims.

Javan also sensed Margarita was pregnant before his dad told him. 'I said, "I've got something to tell you," and he said, "I know. I've known for ages."

'I struggled to tell him because I didn't want to lose my boy,' Kelvin says candidly. 'It's been Javan and I for all our lives, nobody else. It was the hardest thing I had to do to tell the person I love most in the world about the next phase of life.'

The fact their unborn baby chose to visit Kelvin in spirit has convinced him and Margarita that the pregnancy was meant to be and has strengthened their belief in their intense connection.

'When you meet people often something's missing, whereas with Kelvin it's the whole thing,' Margarita says.

That spiritual bond with one another and instant rapport was felt from their very first brief meeting in early February.

Margarita attended one of Kelvin's workshops in the hope of enhancing her spiritual abilities. But on the way into the room at Auckland's Waipuna Hotel, she stopped briefly to greet the star psychic, who was sitting outside waiting to make his entrance.

A chance meeting

Both were blindsided. 'My heart thumped intensely,' Kelvin says. 'I just thought she was a passer-by who was saying hello but as she walked away my heart went again.'

Margarita was experiencing the same 'thumping' in her chest. 'I struggled when I met him because of that feeling. In class I couldn't look at him either,' she says, as Kelvin lovingly takes her hand.

Yet the pair never thought they'd see one another again. That evening Kelvin walked from his east Auckland home to the local beach in an effort to clear his head. 'I knew I had to see this person again. It needed to be spoken about,' he says.

What Kelvin and Margarita, who runs her own business called Elan Style, didn't know was they lived only streets away. Just 18 months earlier, Margarita moved back to the area she grew up in. Kelvin had been living around the corner for the past three years.

As Kelvin walked along the beach, he felt his heart again begin to 'thump' and he looked up. Margarita, who had also gone out to think over the intense encounter, was walking down the beach towards him.

'We sat down on a park bench, talked and then didn't want to leave each other,' Kelvin says.

'We laid everything on the line. When you meet someone, often you are not sure or you hold stuff back. This wasn't like that. I said to Margarita I was head over heels and I wanted to tell her everything. We swapped truths.'

Uncannily, in early January, Kelvin had jokingly told his team that within a year he'd be married. 'I'd said I was over single life and wanted to settle down but I never thought this would happen,' he says.

'Yes, we've moved in, we're having a baby and it's all very quick. I've been very lonely. With Margarita, there's been no doubt for anything. It's just flowing.'

Both agree they've been able to cope with the life change so easily because they're completely honest with each other.

'Because we're able to be honest and communicate, and will continue to make an effort to talk, it will be fine,' Kelvin says.

Margarita adds, 'We're in a nice space to bring this baby into the world.'

Meeting the couple, their bond is easy to see. Their faces mirror one another. They are relaxed and at ease in one another's company. Margarita even shares Kelvin's love of fishing. Of Greek descent, Margarita's father is an avid angler who lives in a small fishing village on the Mediterranean isle.

The relationship has also been blessed by Margarita's mum, who has passed away but visits Kelvin in spirit. Margarita has also met Kelvin's parents.

The right person

'It's true what they say, "When you meet the right person you know,"' Kelvin says. 'That's why the thumping of the heart came into play. If ever I'm away, I'll text her "thumping". It means I'm there for you and I want to come home.'

The couple has easily been able to blend their two families together. Moving into Kelvin's recently-purchased home gave Javan and Isabella a chance to bond like brother and sister.

Now, each morning, Javan comes down to breakfast, gives Margarita a cuddle and says 'hi' to the baby. Margarita's daughter Isabella is just as excited about the arrival of a new brother or sister and has formed a fast bond with Kelvin.

'She's attached herself to him really quickly and mind-blowingly so,' Margarita says.

Kelvin adds, 'We're best mates. It's like we have known one another forever.'

With a January due date to look forward to, the couple will find out the sex at their 20-week scan, but plan to keep it a secret.

And when their child enters the world, both Kelvin and Margarita say they believe it could be 'an angel'.

'We believe there are a lot of things changing in the world and there needs to be more love,' Kelvin says. 'Margarita has certain abilities to see things and has vivid dreams, and I have the ability to do what I do. It's very possible that we'll be bringing someone into the world who can do what I do, if not better, when they grow up.'

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