Trump appears to take the stage, flanked by security. Photo: Youtube
Trump appears to take the stage, flanked by security. Photo: Youtube

He’s continually deflected demands from the American public to release the details of his tax returns in the interests of transparency.

But has Donald Trump finally come through with the goods?

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The POTUS appeared to be hustled by his security detail through the crowds at the Tax March in Washington DC over the weekend, before emerging to speak at the podium.

"What's the big deal about my taxes? OK, since you guys are my supporters, I'm going to share with you what's on my taxes,” he shouts. “Don't let the protestors know what I'm going to tell you.”

He riled up the crowd but was Trump's tax release the real deal? Photo: Youtube

But for anyone who might have given the POTUS the benefit of the doubt, think again.

The wispy haired orator throwing handfuls of shredded documents or his ‘taxes’ into the crowd was actually Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik.

The Trump lookalike can be seen tossing handfuls of shredded documents into the crowd. Photo: Youtube

The president lookalike also revealed he claimed his daughter Ivanka Trump as three dependents, "my daughter, my mother, and my wife," for tax purposes and called himself the "United Airlines of presidents"

The crowd’s reaction?

Chants of “Lock him up, lock him up!”

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