He's in a real state of euphoria! Photo: Reddit.
He's in a real state of euphoria! Photo: Reddit.

What’s more thrilling than a ride on a roller coaster? Well, if you’re scared of heights look away! Because this man got the fright of his life when he was sky-high in the air when a bird hit him right in the neck.

Initially it started off as a fun experience on Barcelona’s iconic Red Force roller coaster, at every man’s dream theme park, Ferrari Land.

The man in question gets on the ride with his mate, and footage of the shocking moment sees the ride begin to pick up speed as the two let the wind take them away.

But within seconds, the man is faced with a swooping bird, which looks like it smacks beak-first into his neck.

And just like that, smack bang into the poor bloke's throat! Photo: Reddit.

Eek, that’s gotta hurt.

Completely shocked as the bird flies away, the injured man looks over to his friend in horror, however his mate is completely oblivious to what's just happened!

Old mate beside him did not cop onto the unfortunate luck of his friend! Photo: Reddit.

Check out the full video above.

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