Amber jetted off to meet her prince charming with her wedding dress in hand! Photo: Instagram/amber.mickelson.
Amber jetted off to meet her prince charming with her wedding dress in hand! Photo: Instagram/amber.mickelson.

While the rest of us struggle to get a guy to buy us a cup of coffee on a date, Amber Mickelson met her husband while serving it.

“People never believe me when I tell them the story of how Tyler and I met," Amber wrote in an Instagram post. "We were set up on an international blind date... by his parents!”

Almost a decade ago, Amber moved back from Maui to her hometown outside of Seattle, Washington and picked a waitressing gig as she tried to figure out her next path in life. She was allocated some customers who she describes as “two of the cutest, warmest ladies on the planet”.

Amber took the ladies’ orders.

“Shortly after, their husbands arrived and I brought them a round of beers," she wrote. "We chatted about their golf game and I felt like I had known them forever. As the evening went on and said beers kicked in, I was told by one of the men (Tyler's dad) that he was pretty sure I was going to marry his son.”

C’mon now, is this a movie? Either way she goes on to explain, Tyler’s dad, “pulled a picture out of his wallet of a good looking guy and proceeded to tell me about his son, Tyler, who was living in London. Although we were a good 5,000 miles apart, he was certain we would hit it off if we ever had the chance to meet.

"In most cases, I would've politely laughed it off, but there was something about these people that made me believe this could possibly be something. As they said their goodbyes, Tyler's dad scribbled my email address on the back of a business card.”

An email address! So time-savvy and not too personal – great choice, Dad. Ahem, father-in-law. Fast-forward a few days and Tyler's name popped up in her inbox.

Tyler made the first move by emailing Amber. Photo: Getty Images.

“We wrote back and forth for a few months before finally deciding to meet in person in New York (halfway between Seattle and London),” Amber wrote.

Surreal right? Well Amber keeps it real and admits that initially, the two “were so awkward and nervous when we first met, but as his dad predicted, we hit it off.”

The two went on five international dates before Amber boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to London. Eight years on, the two got married and still reside in Notting Hill, with their two kids.

The lovers on their wedding day! Photo: Instagram/amber.mickelson.

Amber, who is now 32, shares two children with Tyler.

The couple is now a family for four! Photo: Instagram/amber.mickelson.

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