It's the horrifying moment every fairgoer fears: the safety mechanisms fail and a passenger is thrown from a ride.

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Woman falls from ride, dangles until rescued


VIDEO Terrifying video shows a woman falling from a ride and dangling by her feet at an event in France while people try to rescue her. VIDEO: Woman falls from ride, dangles until rescued

Onlookers were appalled to see a young girl fly through the air after the Adrenaline ride at a Paris funfair malfunctioned.

The girl can be seen swinging through the air. Source: Vemba

She was left dangling 50 metres aloft, hanging by her ankle with only a thin strap keeping her from plummeting to the ground.

As she glides through the air in a huge arc, the girl's head can be seen only narrowly missing a violent collision with the platform of the ride.

Heart-stopping. Source: Vemba

“It could have been more serious. It’s a miracle the girl was not hurt,” the owners of the ride said in a statement, translated from French.

“We are here to give joy, and not to make people afraid.”

The girl's head can be seen narrowly missing the platform. Source: Vemba
Ride attendants and onlookers rush to rescue her. Source: Vemba
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