10 times kids videobombed and owned it
10 times kids videobombed and owned it

They're the hilariously adorable and totally unscripted moments you just couldn't make up, and let's face it, there's nothing better than a cute viral video featuring a kid.

From the cute-as-a-button four-year-old storming her dad's office, to diva-dancing teens working a news report like a boss, we've rounded up the best ones.

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Dad interrupted during live interview

Working from home is the best - but not when you’re trying to conduct a live Skpe interview with the BBC on South Korean politics and your kids what a cuddle. Professor Robert Kelly somehow kept his cool when his adorable four-year-old, Marion burst into the room and jauntily made her way up to his computer. Seconds later, his eight-month-old son, James rolled his way into the room, closely followed by their frantic mum Jung-a Kim who hustled their kids away.

Aussie girl’s adorable shout out

The world fell in love when Georgia Knoll not only videobombed Channel Seven presenter Scott Linden's report, but also managed to add a shout out to her parents. With Georgia, who suffers from Down Syndrome excitedly waving in the background, Scott invited her to say hello – so she did. “Hey mum, hey dad - love you,” Georgia says before scarpering off.

Stop Video Replay 0:35

Teen gives her parents a shout out on live TV


VIDEO Girl photo bombs Mackay's 7 news Team and becomes an overnight superstar.

Teen’s Vogue-ing at mall goes viral

Forget dancing like nobody’s watching, Brendan Jordan’s sassy dance moves during a news report on the opening of Downtown Summerlin mall in 2014 made him an internet sensation. Ignoring stink eye from girls around him, Brendan’s diva dancing to Lady Gaga’s Applause propelled him to start his own Youtube channel.

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Brendan Jordan's epic dance moves at Downtown Summerlin grand opening


VIDEO A kid diva becomes a YouTube sensation after a mall videobomb.

Teen videobombs sports reporter

Like a PG-rated version of a streaker, one teen fan got his 15 seconds of fame when he was spotted running across the Ford Field to become the unwanted back up dancer in Michele Tafoya’s NFL report.

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Savage Kid videobombs Michele Tafoya on Sunday Night American Football


VIDEO Savage Kid videobombs Michele Tafoya on Sunday Night American Football.

Kid farts during weather report

It must have been bring your kid to work day when Mississippi weatherman Patrick Ellis had his forecast interrupted by an excitable – and fart-obsessed - boy. Flapping his arms like wings and pretending to let rip on the presenter, the boy chipped in with his take on the weather - "There are toots and farts everywhere!" – before he was finally dragged off camera.

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Funniest Kid FARTS on Weatherman


VIDEO Mississippi weatherman Patrick Ellis tried to read the weather when a kid videobombed him and farted everywhere.

Dancing boy given all the air time

It was a live cross reporting on devastating floods in Baton Rouge, but TV reporter Justin Jaggers didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with a talented boy who bopped and twerked his way through nearly two minutes of the interview. Watch to the end, trust us.

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Little Kid Dances Behind Reporter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


VIDEO Videobombing kid brings a little levity to a flooded region.

Boy gyrates to sister’s singing

Every aspiring singer wants to be a make it big on Youtube, and one unsuspecting girl had her clip go viral for all the wrong reasons thanks to her skillfully snake-hipped little brother. Her voice is amazing but his epic hip thrusts against the glass are the best.

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Little boy wants to be in a music video


VIDEO A little brother masterfully videobombs his sister from inside a shower stall.

Toddler’s adorable twerkout

The video was meant to be all about Alyce Brent and Taylor Morris’ sexy twerking moves, but when Alyce’s insanely cute nephew wandered onto the screen, the internet lost their mind. And when you see his incredible moves, you will too.

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Nephew takes over dance video with awesome moves


VIDEO A toddler interrupts a "twerkout" with some cute moves of his own.

Fan interrupts interview to meet idol

When you see an opportunity you’ve got to go for it, and for one eager fan, that moment came during a post-game TV interview. Ignoring the thousands of viewers and the two professionals trying to do their job, the teen shook hands with football coach Charlie Strong… and made sure to do it with the reporter, too.

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Eager teen interrupts football coach TV interview


VIDEO He wanted to shake Charlie Strong and Rece Davis’ hands.

Brother video bombs sister’s dance routine

We’ve all done a sneaky little living room dance party, but when 14-year-old Tayler uploaded this video of her busting out some moves to Akon’s Smack That, it was her younger brother Beau’s cheeky routine that propelled them to internet fame.

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Smack that- ORIGINAL! (Little brother video bombs sister


VIDEO Little brother videobombs his sister Akon dance off.

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