Should you go into work with a cold? Source: Getty
Should you go into work with a cold? Source: Getty

You wake up in the morning and you’re not feeling great, but you'll know you'll live. It's only a runny nose and headache.

And while we’re all entitled to sick days, calling in to tell your boss you won’t be making it in because you’re ‘under the weather’ can sometimes be awkward. After all, it's 'only a cold'.

But should you drag yourself into the office or have a doona day and recuperate in the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about checking your emails?

Two of Be’s lifestyle and entertainment reporters give their reasons for and against going into work if you have a cold.

By Yasmin Vought

Let’s face it. If you’ve just got a simple cold and not a flu, there’s not really a reason to call in sick.

Look, having the sniffles is not reason enough.

If you're not at work would you end up actually resting? Source: Getty

First, ask yourself, “Am I contagious? Do I have a fever? Would rest actually help?”

After all, if you just have a simple headache, the sniffles or you’re feeling a bit tired – you’re probably going to end up pottering around the house or Spring-cleaning isn’t going to cure you.

By Jennifer Fletcher

First and foremost, you don’t want to go into work and make everyone else sick.

You may have deadlines for a project you’re working on, but going into the office and being slower than usual, potentially making mistakes and passing on your germs to everyone else, is not an admirable. It’s actually really irresponsible.

Besides, who wants to listen to you coughing and spluttering at your desk all day? It's gross!

It's not fair on colleagues. Source: Getty

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And you could end up feeling worse or developing something like pneumonia or a chest infection, and being forced to take more than one day off.

The sensible thing to do would be to take the day off to rest and then you will be more productive when you go back. It doesn't make you a bad worker or a slacker.

Plus, you’re entitled to a day off if you’re not feeling well, so why not use it when you need it? You’re not a robot and shouldn't be expected to justify why you're not coming in if you don't feel your best. (As long as you don't abuse the system).

If you don’t look after yourself, then who will?

Look after yourself. Source: Getty

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