It's usually tradition for the bride and groom to take centre stage on their wedding day, but this mother-in-law just totally stole the show with her epic Star Wars dance.

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Groom And Mother Perform Star Wars Themed Wedding Dance


Nathan Sharpton and his mother, Teddi, thrilled their guests during Nathan's May wedding in North Carolina, when they decided to perform a choreographed routine together - complete with lightsabers.

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The mother-daughter duo took to the dancefloor and spent the first 50 seconds of the video casually dancing, before lunching into a ferocious lightsaber duel against two of the groomsmen.

Dance moves seemed to go out the window as the four guests waved their lightsabers around the dancefloor in a fake duel to the death.

After a few minutes, the mother and son were eventually crowned the winners and hugged it out in front of the bride and the delighted guests.

Watch the full video above to see the Stars Wars dance unfold in all its glory.

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