Best Youtube videos of 2012
Best Youtube videos of 2012

The Youtube universe is vast. Last year we saw a dancing Korean, obsessed girlfriends, rock band hissy fits and more cute animals than you chuck a duck at. With so much on offer, it’s easy to miss the gems. So here’s some of the best Youtube videos of 2012.

Flight of the Concords Red Nose Day
It’s worth watching the long version of this stunning example of Kiwi creativity. Jermaine and Bret brainstorm with local kids, then turn their ideas into a winner tune sung by top shelf New Zealand performers. All proceeds go to CureKidsNZ.
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The Duck Song
With over 114 million views, the Duck Song is simple, catchy and captures kids’ imagination over and over and over and over again. The parents: not so much. Got any grapes?

Gandalf Europop nod
This is quality internet viewing at its best, with 2.50 minutes of Gandalf nodding his head to Euro-trash pop. Yep, it falls into the ‘you gotta see it to believe it’ category. Dare you to watch the whole clip. Seriously random.
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LOTR in 99 seconds
Still on a middle earth theme...after the success of Harry Potter in 99 seconds, Paint brings us this clever rendition of Lord of the Rings. How does he do it?
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Annoying Orange
Hey apple! Hey apple! Hey apple! Nearly as annoying as the price of fruit in Auckland supermarkets, Annoying Orange always gets a laugh. Look out for movie parodies like the Hunger Games Spoof – may the odds be forever in your flavour!

Inspiring yogi war veteran
If you love a good transformation story, Mashable’s put together a list of tear jerkers that will yank the heart strings of even the most cynical. Injured, overweight war veteran turned yogi is one of the faves.
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Bad lip Reading
One for the Twihards. Bella and Edward chat about mice, fish and leftover cake in the bad lip reading presentation of Twilight.
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How to fake French
Can the French laugh at themselves? Here’s hoping this hilarious skit won’t offend too many people out there on planet Youtube.
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Dumb ways to die
Set fire to your hair, poke a stick at a grizzly bear...hmmm, this is 2012’s best ‘what not to do’ video. Cute cartoons, clever lyrics and a delightful tune have sent this recently posted safety video rocketing to over 31 million views.
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Life is awesome
In the spirit of the many ‘people are awesome’ videos, this offering may not have many views but check out that mind-blowing catch at 1 minute 12 seconds! Some beautiful surfing and snow sports footage too.

Overly attached girlfriend
Are you this person? Take a look at the strange facial contortions and cringe-worthy behaviour of this wonderfully psychotic limpet in Overly attached girlfriend.
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Gangnam Style
Unless you’ve been asleep, gazing at your navel in a remote location or in orbit around the planet Uranus this year, you’ve probably heard of global entertainment sensation PSY and his K-pop tune Gangnam Style. Named after the nouveau riche lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district in Seoul, the song has countless spin offs, translations and reaction videos posted in its honour, including the Trekkie fave Klingon Style.

Staying with a muso theme, one of the highest viewed pop videos this year (over 164 million) was the David Guetta robo-tune featuring Nicki Minaj ‘Turn Me On’. But if you’re looking for a 2012 pop music mashup visit Popdantopia for a seamless, if somewhat US biased, summary.
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