Today, the 20th of April.


This calendar looks at the main astrological alignments for the week, giving you advance notice of the overall tone of what's ahead, so you can plan your week (e.g. avoid arguments on a Mars/Pluto day, or have a date night on a Venus/Jupiter night).

Then your individual forecasts posted here through the week will bring you more details relevant to just YOUR sign.

FAQ: Hey! Why is the calendar the same for ALL the signs?

  • Saturday April 19

Sagittarius Moon*

This is a huge week, astrologically speaking, as the Grand Cross we have been talking about for weeks starts to come into effect. The wonderful thing to know about this Grand Cross is that one of the planets involved is benevolent planet Jupiter. As a result, even though there are big changes coming and a lot of people are worried about which way things are going to go, overall, Jupiter will help take the edge off things. It's not going too far to suggest that some of the big changes awaiting us in the ether are actually very positive. Order your copy of Yasmin's book Angel Astrology 101 here.

  • Sunday April 20

Venus conjunct Chiron, Jupiter opposite Pluto, Moon into Capricorn*

Today is a potentially amazing day – or the past few days have already been that. There is a lot of healing in the air and there's room for big changes. Where in your life do you want to do something differently? That is where you need to be focused now as the lucky planet Jupiter connects with the planet of profound changes, Pluto. Look also at where you need to release the urge to try to control things. Allow life to just take over. Trust that you are being looked after and go into this new phase of your life with a positive outlook. Got a question about your love life or money situation (or anything else)? You could get an answer for free here.

  • Monday April 21

Moon in Capricorn*

The Moon moves through Capricorn today and triggers both Jupiter and Pluto, the two planets that opposed each other yesterday. In other words, the potential for amazing transformations is on-going. There is the chance for emotional and spiritual renewal in the air. If you know your faith in the Universe has lapsed lately, look for signs today that the Universe, in fact, is still well and truly on your side and always has been. If you happen to be anywhere near Boston, Massachusetts, I am doing a talk tonight about Angel Astrology and the eclipses at Trident Books Café – info here. And you can order your copy of Yasmin's book Angel Astrology 101 here!

  • Tuesday April 22 2014

Moon into Aquarius*

It's now been a week since the Full Moon eclipse in Libra. How are you doing? Did you release something? Did you let go of something? Are you starting to feel a little less traumatised by life? If things have been intense of late, it's time for you to decide what actually matters to you, what you really want, and what you are willing to put up with in order to fulfil all the duties and obligations you have. If you know you need some time out, this is a good part of the lunar cycle in which to lay low. Before too long we will have the partner eclipse when the New Moon eclipse takes place in Taurus. Steady yourself; there is a lot to do! Get a reading from one of our trusted astrologers, angel card readers or psychics here.

  • Wednesday April 23

Mars opposite Uranus, Mercury into Taurus, Moon in Aquarius*

There is a lot of tension in the air today as Mars clashes with the mad planet of revolution and disobedience, aka Uranus. This is a part of the Grand Cross that astrologers everywhere have been talking about. The energy today is abrupt and erratic. To quote this article on my site: If you have been fighting for something, what happens now can be a wonderful thing – it releases you in some way so that you can do your own thing and do it with a lot of gusto. This is a time to get really clear on what you want and to let other people know. It's a chance to live really consciously. The more you act with integrity, the better the outcome. The more you embrace change, the better the outcome. The more you focus on solutions, the better the outcome. Yes, it's an exciting time! Get a reading from one of our trusted astrologers, angel card readers or psychics here.

  • Thursday April 24

Moon into Pisces*

So, there we have it people; we have been through the Grand Cross and we are now out the others side. To quote this article on my site: Push is coming to shove. People are showing their hands and showing their true colours. It can also be the start and finish of things. Think back to what began for you around August 1999, the time of the last Grand Cross. That could have something to do with what's going on now. Perhaps you are taking what you started then to the next level. If something has to change in your life, and you are somehow stopping it from doing so, that's where the upset can come. On the other hand, if you are prepared to accept that life is all about cycles and a new cycle is starting in April, then what happens next can be liberating, revolutionary and exciting. Got a question about your love life or money situation (or anything else)? You could get an answer for free here.

  • Friday April 25

Moon in Pisces*

We are at the end of one of the most intense weeks of the year, astrologically-speaking; although, don't think everything is said and done just yet – in fact, there is another eclipse around the corner. What concerns us today, though, is a lovely link building between the Sun and Mercury. No matter what has been going on for you emotionally, this is a very good time to talk things through. When it comes to love and money issues, as we move towards the New Moon eclipse in the Venus-loving sign of Taurus, it's very important now to work out what really matters to you. Also note that the Archangel Chamuel is highlighted in the coming eclipse, so if you have lost your way somehow, talk to him and he will help you to get back on track. Yasmin's book Cosmic Love is all about how to draw love to you. Now available on Kindle here.

Yasmin Boland

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