Today, the 30th of March.


This calendar looks at the main astrological alignments for the week, giving you advance notice of the overall tone of what's ahead, so you can plan your week (e.g. avoid arguments on a Mars/Pluto day, or have a date night on a Venus/Jupiter night).

Then your individual forecasts posted here through the week will bring you more details relevant to just YOUR sign.

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  • Saturday March 28*

"Lots of love... "

Today sees a connection between the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of plenty, Jupiter.

It's a bit of a clashing connection, but then, as the world famous astrologers' astrologer Robert Hand once said to me; "There's no such thing as a bad Jupiter transit... " In other words, what's happening today might be full on, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

And the flavour of it all? Venus is about love and Jupiter is about lots of it, so put them together and you get the chance for lots of love. See how it works? : However, because there is this clash involved, there is a chance of "lots of love" becoming "too much love"!

If you're involved in a new relationship, be careful not to overwhelm your new partner. Sometimes we do need to reveal ourselves, and our feelings, quite slowly!

The other very obvious possibility here is related to the fact that Venus is also about abundance. And with the clash to OH-so-generous Jupiter, there is a chance that someone is being overly generous, i.e. to the point they're spending more than they can afford!

Hopefully that person is not you or I!

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  • Today's planets: *Moon in Cancer, Venus square Jupiter *Today's Moon Archangel: * Gabriel *Today's Moon Goddess: *Diana

                                                                                                                                                            • *Sunday March 29*

"Pick a card..."

It's been a while since I did a Pick-A-Card, but there are no major aspects today, so let's do it! Today I am using a new deck of mine, the Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine Follow @Y7Leo on twitter

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