This Valentine's Day is all about you believing in yourself and what you have to offer within a relationship. Overall this is a huge year for you romantically-speaking. It's time for you to be honest about what is and isn't working and where you want to go in your relationship.

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The Moon in your sign on Valentine's Day and night means you will very likely to wearing your heart on your sleeve. And that's a lovely thing! All the better for your partner (or ex or new love?) to see how you really feel. Do clear up any issues, if you can. Don't come over as aggressive.

This could be a lower-key than usual Valentine's. You have mean old Saturn in your Love Zone and that planet doesn't have a romantic bone in its body! So if you feel like a quiet Valentine's this year, have it. On the upside, Saturn is about any Valentine's promises which are made now are very likely to stick.

One of the best things you can do for yourself this Valentine's is make a wish. What do you actually want to do to celebrate this day of romance? Ask and you might well get it! Better yet, write it down. Overall this year looks way easier for you romantically than the past few years have been. Single? Of all the signs, you could have a superb Valentine's night...with friends. Enjoy!

The thing to be careful of this Valentine's is that you're not stressing so much about work that you can't have any real fun. If you make time for romance, though, you and your beloved should find you have a lot to talk about. That's a start! Single? Get out and about and mingle. The world needs more flirtatious Leos!

This could be one of the most romantic Valentine's you have had for a while as the Moon triggers soulmate planet Neptune in your Love Zone. If you're attached, remind your lover why he or she fell in love with you in the first place. Single? It's a wonderful Valentine's to draw up your Love Wish List. Imagine your ideal love scenario.

On the one hand it has to be said that come Valentine's day and night, your love life is looking as erratic and unpredictable as ever. Let's hope you like it that way because that's not changing any time soon. If you dare get very flirty, though, it looks like things could go very well for you!

This looks like a wonderful Valentine's for attached Scorpios. You have the Moon in your Love Zone triggering dreamy Neptune in your Romance Zone. So make sure you don't allow inertia or any other modern day malaise to throw you off your love stroke! Single but looking? Love is in the air, so go out or go online!

Your Valentine's challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go out and have a lovely time with your partner or your friends this Valentine's. Saturn in your sign means it's too easy for you to be negative and morose – but that is so un-Sagittarian! So put on your happy love hat and make the most of February 14.

You have pretty great Stars this Valentine's. It’s not necessarily going to magic your perfect lover into existence if you're single – but it might! And if you're attached? You definitely have what's needed for a lovely and romantic time with your partner. Also a great night to declare yourself, if you have a crush.

If you're attached and you and your beloved just feel like staying home and getting cosy, then go for it. Your Stars totally support you in doing this. And if you're single and you don't feel like going you to try you luck on the scene this Valentine's, then stay home! (You can always have an online flirt). Basically home looks tempting for Aquarians this Valentine's… make of that what you will!

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Don't worry if Valentine's isn't all that you would like it to be this year. You really do have to be patient at the moment. In fact, if you need to work late, that's fine too. This year it actually looks like you would have just as much fun out with friends as you would one-on-one with a lover. Your call.

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