When love hurts: 200kg virgin in ER after first time

December 19, 2013, 10:59 am Lara Tamsett Yahoo7 Lifestyle

Virgin lands his girlfriend in the ER after having sex for the first time

When love hurts: 200kg virgin in ER after first time
Love + Sex

Photography: YouTube Actors reenact the fateful night on the show Sex landed me in the ER

Things went from steamy to serious the first time Gregg Casarona had sex.

The 200kg project manager was 21 years old at the time, and had been dating his girlfriend, Jen Gerakaris, for a month when they decided to consummate their relationship.

“I knew he was a virgin and I honestly didn’t care,” Ms Gerakaris says. “We were dating for a little while and he hadn’t put any moves on me yet so I made a move.” Living in her parents Long Island basement at the time, Jen made her intentions clear by stripping down to her underwear and waiting on her bed.

But passion took a dramatic turn when in the middle of making love, Mr Casarona thrust the 50kg Ms Gerakaris backwards, causing her head to go straight through the basement’s sheet-rock wall.

“My initial reaction was, ‘I killed her,’ ” Casarona told The New York Post. “‘This is my first time. And Jen is dead.’”

However, Gerakaris slowly pulled her head out of the wall and looked at Casarona incredulously.

“Why’d you stop?” she asked.

“He looked like he was about to have a heart attack,” she says. “So I just wanted to lighten the mood.” Gregg, however, insisted on taking Jen to the hospital when she started to become dizzy and nauseous. She was diagnosed with a concussion.

Although initially shy to tell the doctors what caused her injury, the pair will be sharing their tale on US TV next week when their story will feature in the premiere episode of “Sex Sent me to the ER.”

The couple were understandably much more cautious in the bedroom following the incident: "In the beginning, there were lots of pillows and we didn’t do it anywhere near a wall,” Gerakaris says.

The couple broke up four years later but are close friends today. Casarona, now 28, has since lost 100kg and Gerakaris, now 29, has a new boyfriend who is aware of their crazy night.

“I was friends with him before and, of course, our friends know the story,” Gerakaris says. “It’s a story we always tell over drinks.”

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  1. Johnny Shamrock5 days agoReport Abuse

    Casarona!?. Sure ain't a Casanova

  2. Gravitas08:42pm Tuesday 15th April 2014 NZSTReport Abuse

    Tell the firkin world,why don't ya? oh,right,...you have.


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