Bridal gown breaks world record

March 22, 2012, 9:47 am Piper Weiss


If your dress train is two miles long, then a hot air balloon is a practical method of transportation.

In the latest record-we-didn't-know-you could-break news, a Romanian design house has debuted the longest bridal train known to man.

The Andree Salon, a Bucharest fashion label, hired 10 seamstresses to toil away on the Guinness World Record-breaking dress for 100 days. The imported material alone, including French lace and Italian taffeta, cost around $US7,300. That's not including labour and the dramatic floating runway show.

This week, a model wearing the dress was hoisted into the air outside Bucharest's Palace of the Parliament, for all the world to see - in particular - the Netherlands. The Dutch country previously held the longest train record (it wasn't even a mile, ha!).

The victory was particularly sweet, in light of a feud sparked between the two countries, after Dutch leaders campaigned to keep Romania out of the European Union's visa-free travel zone.

"If the Netherlands does not allow us into Europe, we'll take them out of the world records book," Alin Caraman, an organiser of the train's big debut, told the Associated Press.

And they did, with the near-maniacal passion of a bridezilla and a 1.85-mile train, roughly the width of Manhattan. If a real bride were to walk down the aisle in that dress, she'd need a venue the size of four football fields and an entire NFL team of bridesmaids to hold the train.

Don't get any funny ideas, Kardashians.

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  1. Duncan Oliver03:41pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    it not a real one as all it is, is a hole lot of materal attached to a dress when train are ment to be made from the same peice of material haha so come on someone report to WRF that she cheated im too lazy to do so

  2. 03:28pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    What a joke...Who'd wear something like that? And if they do, it'll be "never mind the groom to be and his big day....its all about me and my ridiculous 4x football field sized wedding dress!"

  3. MD03:21pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Now that they've made it, somebody ( a celebrity no doubt) will come up with the brilliant idea of replicating it. That is mental. Would've been fun making it, but still! Even Kate Middleton didn't go over the top for her dress.

  4. kneewall02:16pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    1.85 miles of fabric would be bloody heavy.

  5. Kiwirich01:44pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    On some level I must care...because I read this rubbish.I have to wonder how deep that level is.This is a vulgar display and totally unnesscesary.i wonder how all the brides that have trouble affording a modest wedding dress feel about this.

  6. Erosmf01:37pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    imagine the number of bridesmaids you would have to have to carry it...hahaha

  7. Karen01:32pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    I agree Bruce2, okay for a publicity stunt, but yes, some silly girl will think it is oh, so clever - her kids won't thank her.

  8. Bruce212:49pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    yep, and you watch some woman will want to wear it......sigh !!!!

  9. Miss Meg12:31pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    what a muppet

  10. Hebe12:25pm Thursday 22nd March 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    All the Seamstresses got paid, so that must have been a fun project for everyone concerned. TEAM WORK, well done.


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