• The world’s most generous millionaires and billionaires

The World’s Most Generous Millionaires and Billionaires

The World’s Most Generous Millionaires and Billionaires

May 16, 2013

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The world’s most generous millionaires and billionaires

But Sara Blakely is only one among a whole swag of billionaires, millionaires and well-known personalities devoting their time and cash to worthy causes. Check out our gallery of Generous Millionaires…

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  1. ROY06:56pm Sunday 19th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    I would like to think I'd be in a position to do the same : eradicate homelessness and hunger in particular, to name the two most obvious , and provide for women's refuges and orphans and the elderly in need ........ as a personal full time going concern.

  2. Peter03:25pm Saturday 18th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    This is a thorny one. On the one hand, it's easy for us to say "they're not doing enough". Which may often be true. On the other hand, we might say "The poor need to get off their butts", which might also be true sometimes. It's also true that sometime "rich" people trumpet their generosity, and it's also sometimes true that "poor" people think that the rich owe it to them to make their lives better. But, rather than only think of all the bad things or things that we can see or think we see that aren't right with it all - very, very easy & tempting to do - perhaps we might do better to celebrate, in proportion, those who do chose to give from their plenty, rather than hoarding the lot of it. Yes, most of us who give smaller dollar amounts often out-give those noted in this article percentage-wise or in spirit. But rather than just hack & slash at what we see as "not enough" or "wrong motive" or whatever, why don't we at least chose to be content that they are do something, rather than nothing? Can those of us here who aren't currently millionaires (or who aren't at least very well off) truly say that we would be prepared to give away the bulk of our sustenance if we won a substantial lottery? Would not a lot of us rush out to buy a house, go on a trip / cruise, do some retail therapy & a host of other things before thinking of the "poor & needy"? Most of which would be non-essential just for our gratification & enjoyment? Or are we not honest enough to admit such?

  3. Peter11:54am Saturday 18th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    unfortunately, a lot of countries, especially those run by dictators, just love these people, charity funds are seen by them,as a means of spending less on their citizens needs, relying on these charities to fund them, and it gives them more cash to spend on buying weapons. and filling their own bank accounts, just take a look at India, Nigeria, and other well known so called poor areas, they spend billions on weapons, while their citizens live in slums

  4. lulu09:51am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    Unbelievable. With so much charity, why is the world seeing more poverty than it ever has. The administrators of these donations are almost as rich as the doners. There is more money spent on 'ADMINISTRATION' of these monies than on the charity for which it is donated.

  5. V08:47am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    brangelina may soon be just Brad

  6. peter04:35am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    Lol there is no god you poor deluded people

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  7. nnm spc04:32am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    things are way cheaper in USA - food costs way way less (for now) and with those coupons over there say $300 of groceries costs them like $35 or something. But itd be small change to Streisand although I guess she doesnt go coupon shopping ....hmm maybe she does.

  8. nnm spc04:29am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    Its a pity Tom Cruise doesnt give it to the less fortunate instead of spending 1000s on his child and giving it to the crazy evil scientology "church". I dont know though if he does give but it sure wouldnt hurt him. Its beyond terrible these actors make 10 million or more a movie just for standing around, getting free meals and transport and saying some lines.

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  9. nnm spc04:22am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    God doesnt want Jewish/Palestinian relations and brings disaster on anyone who tries to mess with Israel and thats scriptural. And Barbara supporting aids Im unsure of (ok for those poor folk who got bad blood) but no supporting homosexuals who are doing huge sin. And womens equality does that mean vile feminists who have ruined the family. Human rights, civil rights, kids and the environment are great causes though.

  10. Munch.03:56am Friday 17th May 2013 NZSTReport Abuse

    Every week I put a few tins of baked beans in the food donation basket at the supermarket, so relatively speaking, I'm donating much more than any of them.

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