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A French magazine has published photos of a topless Duchess of Cambridge.

The Daily Mail reports Closer magazine obtained the photos of the Duchess while she was on holiday with her husband, Prince William, in France last week.

Royal officials say they accept the photos are genuine and the couple are furious, according to a report by the BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt.

"They believe a "red line" has been crossed. The couple cannot believe someone would take such photos and publish them," Hunt reported.

The French magazine claimed on its website that it has "incredible pictures of the future Queen of England as you've never seen her, and as you'll never see her again!"

The print edition of the magazine has teased the pictures as "World Exclusive: Kate and William in Provence: Oh My God!" alongside a photo of the Duchess looking like she's about to remove her bikini top.

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While the images are apparently blurred and clearly taken from a long distance, Closer editor Laurence Pieau said the photos show Middleton "fully topless".

A royal source says Kate and Wills are very saddened by news the French magazine is set to publish the photos. "It's very disappointing; it's very saddening, we have turned the clock back 15 years."

The royal couple were holidaying at a chateau in Provence, owned by the Queen's nephew, when the photos were taken using a camera with a very long lens.

"We have always maintained the position that the Duke and Duchess deserve their privacy, not the least when they are holidaying in their own swimming pool," a royal source said.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently in the middle of a tour as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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