Scott makes sure we know he travels in style. Photo: Instagram
Scott makes sure we know he travels in style. Photo: Instagram

Scott Disick angered fans on Instagram when he went on a posting-spree on Saturday, showing off the insane amount of cash he has in as many ways as possible.Taking time out from his busy duties as a lord of leisure, Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy laid out his Herm├Ęs Birkin, Louis Vuitton luggage, diamond-encrusted watches, and wads of hundred dollar bills and took photos to show off to his Instagram followers... as you do.

"F**k! Can't decide what watch to take." Yes, Scott, we get it, your life is tough. Photo: Instagram
In one shot, Lord Disick is holding up a pile of cash and pretending to use it as a phone. We're not sure what era you're living in Scott, but we haven't seen a phone that thick since the '90s.
"Hello, peasant's is that u?" Photo: Instagram
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Another shot shows his travel Birkin bag covered in hundred dollar bills. Here's an important life lesson from Lord Disick, don't cover up an expensive designer bag unless you can do it with loads of cash.

What better way to use your brand new Birkin than to cover it in cash? Photo: Instagram
As if that wasn't enough to make everyone green with envy, the 30-year-old pretended to use his cash as toilet paper. Now that can't be very hygienic!
"I know yall didn't think I would actually use toilet paper!" Photo: Instagram

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