Kendra Wilkinson is back on TV with a double-barrelled surname, a husband vying for his piece of the sudsy world of reality entertainment, and a new business venture (just for the ladies) in new series 'Kendra On Top'.

Of all the 'Girls Of The Playboy Mansion', Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett always seemed the least likely to be the breakout star of Hugh Hefner's blonde harem.

She was the brash, tactless tomboy with a staccato woodpecker laugh who appeared to have little ambition, and whose room in the mansion looked like a gaudy pink bordello covered in pet hair and vibrators.

Fellow girlfriend Holly Madison positioned herself as Hefner's 'number one girl', and although she also got herself a reality TV show deal, public interest in her nasal-twanged longing for love and babies waned once she had escaped from the Mansion menagerie.

Costume-loving lady Bridget Marquardt was desperately fighting a losing battle with a looming expiry date on her mansion passport (over 30s need not apply for a girlfriend vacancy at the Playboy mansion) and looking to move on to the next phase of her career.

Her show, 'Bridget's Sexiest Beaches', lasted just one season, while Madison's 'Holly's World' fared slightly better with two seasons. Both Holly and Bridget seemed aware that their fame was fleeting and they had to work fast to hold on to it, but Kendra's attitude was more laissez faire.

Somehow, the 27-year-old mum of one (to adorable little Shirley Temple doppelganger, Hank Jnr) has managed to parlay her time in the Playboy mansion into a marital aids empire and a TV career spanning three TV series.

Her previous show, 'Kendra', lasted four seasons before she parted ways with the E! network. Kendra revealed that the there would not be a fifth series after the network "went in a different direction ... so in a way I kind of lost a little hope."

Enter WE tv network ('Kendra On Top' plays on the WE tv network in America but will air on E! here in New Zealand) to snap her and her family up for a new series, which Wilkinson-Baskett assures fans will be more revealing than ever.

"I can honestly say that what we're capturing is something that no other reality show gets to capture," Kendra told The Hollywood Reporter.

"It's positive but it's real... nobody gets to really get this stuff for TV [because] people get too nervous about it. But we’re OK with it."

Kendra's summation of her new show is perhaps a little false; we can think of at least one other series that captured all the farting, streaking, competitive sexual athletics and pregnancy scares of 'Kendra On Top'. 'Kendra' fans will be thrilled to know that adding two extra syllables to the title hasn't changed the content one iota.

In 'Kendra On Top', husband Hank is hoping for a new career as a TV host following his departure from the NFL, while Kendra returns to her pre-pregnancy occupation of wearing minuscule bits of clothing.

While Hank tries to find a new vocation, he also acts as nanny to Kendra getting her up and ready for her appointments, while Kendra reassures us he is rewarded "with a lot more sex than the average man" for his domesticated efforts around the house. Phew, we were worried!

However, when Kendra needs some 'me' time with her girlfriends, it seems Hank's not getting such a good deal after all; "I need to talk about your penis to my girlfriends," Kendra tells him. She's not joking either.

Wine time with the ladies involves trading stories about the weirdest places they've had sex and inspecting naked phone pics of the men in their lives. It's a mortifyingly embarrassing moment for those involved, and a potential source of nervous distress for neurotic husbands or boyfriends watching. Ladies night isn't always like this, guys!

While she's clueless and mostly constructed from leftover bits of silicone, there is something rather endearing about Kendra. Her inability to give the slightest toss about what other people think, and her commitment to saying whatever wanders into her brain is oddly charming.

For a pair of happily married fame-seekers eking out their last milliseconds of notoriety, Kendra and Hank might just be the nicest couple on reality TV.

Kendra on Top airs Wednesdays on E! from 14 November at 8.30pm

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