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It's high summer, so time to mulch your garden beds, water in the cool of the day and sow your seeds.

Roses are glorious in spring but when it comes to the end of summer they begin to wither. Here are our tips on how to keep them looking fantastic until winter.

Australia has some of the most magnificent plants in the world, so what better way to celebrate our national day than in your very own gorgeous native garden?

Budding rhododendrons are a knockout addition to any garden. These lively plants cover themselves in beautiful flowers, flaunting a solid mass of colour that’s nothing short of eye-popping.

Making compost is very satisfying - you start with a pile of rubbish and end up with the most potent soil improver there isc.

Bring a taste of the tropics home with these flamboyant flowers – they’ll be the belles of your backyard!

Whether you grow chillies to use in the kitchen or for punchy colour in the garden, you’ll find them easy to cultivate and abundant with their fruit.

Wondering what to plant in your vegie patch? These 12 vegies are great value in the garden – they’ll give you heaps of produce and reliable crops.

Passionfruit vines are a quintessential Australian backyard plant, and spring is a great time to either plant a new vine or give your existing plant some TLC.