How to make a lazy susan

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This lazy susan is easy to make and will provide you with a cheap storage solution. Simply use the lazy Susan concept that Chinese restaurants have been using for years. You’ll need three sheets of plywood, plus three inexpensive turntable swivels that rely on gravity to stay in place, with an all-up cost of $200-$250. It’s a shoe in!


Gather your supplies

  • Discs (9) 700mm dia x 12mm plywood
  • Standard dividers (24) 250 x 150 x 12mm plywood
  • Tall dividers (5, optional) 250 x 500 x 12mm plywood
  • Base length A (2) 460 x 50 x 12mm plywood
  • Base length B (3) 436 x 50 x 12mm plywood
  • Notes:

    The 150mm divider height suits most shoes, but if you want to stand high-heeled shoes upright, 200mm may be better. We made the bottom tier 500mm for knee-high boots. For this tier, only 5 dividers have been used to give extra toe space. Click here for lazy susan diagram

    Here's How

    • Step 1: Cut plywood for discs into 700mm squares. Draw in diagonals to find centre. To make a homemade compass, measure 350mm from end of a 400mm strip of plywood and drive a nail into centre. Nail this into centre of square. Hold a pencil hard against end and rotate to draw in a circle.
    • imageTitle
      Step 2: Cut around line with a jigsaw, staying about 1mm outside line, so you can clean up circle with a router to make 9 identical discs. If you don’t have a router, cut close to line, then sand to the line for near-perfect circles.
    • imageTitle
      Step 3: To refine circles using a router, rig up a ‘cutting compass’. Bore an 18mm hole, 120mm from end of a piece of 200 x 500mm plywood. With router unplugged, unscrew bottom plate, centre plate right way up over hole in plywood, then mark in screw holes. Drill clearance holes and countersink.
    • imageTitle
      Step 4: Screw plywood to base of router using original screws. Fit a straight cutter, measure 350mm from face of cutter and drill a 4mm hole. Screw to centre of disc, after clamping disc to bench. Start router and cut around disc in an anti-clockwise direction. Move clamp as needed. Repeat process for 9 discs.
    • imageTitle
      Step 5: Cut standard dividers, then divide 1 disc into 6 equal pie-like wedges. To do this, draw a line across circle through centre. Align a protractor with line and centre. Mark 60° and 120° on both sides of line. Join marks for 6 equal wedges. Transfer lines to edge and other side of disc. Repeat for all but base disc.
    • imageTitle
      Step 6: Partly drive 2 nails along each line 35 and 215mm from edge of circle, so nail points poke through about 5mm. Apply glue to 1 line, align centre of divider with line, press onto nail points and tap so they hold. Repeat for every second divider, then turn over carefully, check dividers are square to disc and nail home. Attach remaining 3 dividers.
    • imageTitle
      Step 7: Repeat this process to make a second disc with dividers attached. Draw another set of lines through centre of upper disc assembly, halfway between dividers. Glue and nail it to top of lower assembly using lines to offset top and bottom dividers.
    • imageTitle
      Step 8: Add top disc to complete 1 unit. Repeat to make a second unit. For lower boot tier, use five 500mm tall dividers, spaced 72° apart.
    • imageTitle
      Step 9: To secure base, make a square frame by gluing and nailing 2 Base Lengths A to 3 Base Lengths B (see diagram, right). Glue and screw base disc to frame so it’s centred.
    • imageTitle
      Step 10: Using a long nap mini roller to make reaching into compartments easy, paint all units and base with 2 coats of exterior acrylic low sheen, here in Grand Piano.
    • imageTitle
      Step 11: To make units spin, use light-duty turntable swivels. They use rollers instead of ball bearings and rotate around a central swivel post. To fit, drill a 4mm hole in centre of base, then follow with a 10mm bit.
    • imageTitle
      Step 12: Mix and apply a small amount of 2-part epoxy glue (such as Araldite) to bottom of swivel post, then hammer in. The epoxy gives it extra strength to resist being pulled out.
    • imageTitle
      Step 13: Place turntable over post, drill an 8mm hole in assembly going on top, then secure with screw provided.
    • imageTitle
      Step 14: Repeat for 2 upper layers. To move whole unit, dismantle it from top down, rather than trying to carry it on its side. Don’t let children climb on unit.
    • imageTitle
      Step 15: Leave unit as is, or paint edges of compartments in contrasting black using a foam mini roller.

    You’ll also need

    Plywood offcuts; 40mm x 1.6mm nails; PVA glue; turntable swivel mechanisms (3); protractor; 2-part epoxy glue; Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen Acrylic in Grand Piano and Black; long nap mini roller; foam mini roller; router (optional)

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