How To Summer Crafts For Kids

January 17, 2012, 12:41 pm betterhomesgardens


These great craft ideas will keep your kids busy during school holidays.

Hooray for sunshine! Celebrate the arrival of the hot sunny weather with these fun and colourful crafts.

Spring fling blower

Gather Your Supplies
- l Coloured paper
- l Straw

- l Rubber band

You'll Also Need
- Ruler
- Tape
- Pencil
- Craft glue

- Scissors

Here's How

STEP 1: To make curled ‘tongue’, measure and cut out a strip of coloured paper, 5 x 25cm long. Fold long sides in to meet evenly in centre. Join together, down length of seam, with sticky tape.

STEP 2: Fold 1 shorter end over into a 1cm fold. Then, starting at this end, roll paper tightly around a pencil. Slide roll off pencil. Wrap rubber band around to hold secure. Leave for at least 1 day.

STEP 3: Remove rubber band and insert tip of straw into open end of ‘tongue’. Fold corners of paper inwards, dab a little glue in these folds and hold in place until dry. Use tape to secure, then blow into the straw and watch the paper go!

Paper posies

Gather Your Supplies
- l Florist’s foam
- l Small bucket
- l Shredded paper

- l Coloured paper

You'll Also Need
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Hole punch
- Flower lever punch
- Brads
- Craft glue

- 5 flat wooden 3mm dowel pieces of different lengths

'''Here's How'

STEP 1: Place florist’s foam in bottom of bucket. Top with shredded paper to cover.

STEP 2: To make a flower, cut eight 1 x 20cm paper strips. Stack strips, then measure and mark centre point. Punch a hole through centre of whole stack, using a hole punch.

STEP 3: Choose a different coloured paper and use a flower lever punch to press out a flower-shape. Punch a hole in its centre. Place on top of paper stack. Push and secure a brad through the hole to hold everything together. Fan out all the paper strips to form petals.

STEP 4: Glue a piece of dowel to flower back. Allow to dry completely.

STEP 5: Repeat Steps 1 to 4 to make four more flowers of different colours. Arrange the colourful blooms in the florist’s foam to create a pretty ‘bouquet’ of flowers that will brighten up your room all year round.

Hello petal

Gather Your Supplies
- l 24 x 36in (610 x 914mm)stretched canvas
- l Round dinner plate

- l 2 pieces of felt in different colours

You'll Also Need
- Pinking shears
- Scissors
- Marker pen
- Craft glue
- Measuring tape

- String

Here's How

STEP 1: Lay canvas on a flat surface and place plate on middle. Trace around it, then cut out around the line to make a hole for your face.

STEP 2: Using 1 colour of felt, draw then cut 8 large, same-size petals with pinking shears before arranging them (side by side) around the cut hole. Glue them in place.

STEP 3: From the contrasting coloured felt, draw then cut 8 slightly smaller petals and glue each of these on top of each large petal. Let the glue set before you start posing.

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