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To receive a free Better Homes and Gardens pattern sheet, post a $1 stamped, self addressed C5 sized envelope (229mm x 162mm and available wherever you buy envelopes), to the address below.

Don't forget to write the name of the pattern sheet you want on your self addressed envelope. We can only post back one pattern sheet per envelope, but you can send as many envelopes as you wish - just post them all to us in one bigger envelope! Please allow 28 days for delivery.

'''(Name of pattern)
BHG Online
Private Bag 9600
North Sydney, NSW 2059
[IMG2 P]
Pyjama bag pup (Nov 1999

'''[IMG3 P]
Rocking bunny (Oct 1998)

[IMG4 P]
Underwater wonderland mural (Apr 2000)

[IMG5 P]

[IMG6 P]
1. Shells, pansies, floral, daffodils, bulb sampler (Feb 1998)

[IMG7 P]
2. Angel fish, starfish, lattice garden house, rose sampler (Feb 1999)

[IMG8 P]
3. Beach houses, tropical fish, red apples, seaside sampler (Feb 2000)

[IMG9 P]

[IMG10 P]

The cross-stitch pattern sheets include more patterns than we can show you here. For example, the rose sampler on pattern sheet number two is particularly pretty. For those of you with a full set of Better Homes and Gardens back issues, you'll find it in colour on page 151 of the February 1999 issue. Another favourite of ours is Beach Houses, pattern sheet number three, which is on page 87 of the February 2001 issue.

This offer is only available in Australia and New Zealand. If in New Zealand please enclose postage via Coupon-Response International coupons available at your local post office. The coupons should cover the value of postage for an unregistered item sent by air to a foreign country.