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How to make dove and yoyo Christmas decorations
How to make dove and yoyo Christmas decorations

Gather your supplies

Felt; scraps of printed fabric; sewing thread to match; gold seed beads; stranded embroidery cotton; jump ring; fibrefill; scraps of satin fabric; assorted round buttons in 3 sizes, general sewing supplies

Here’s how

To make each dove
Step 1: Enlarge Dove Template above. Cut 2 doves in felt (for front and back). Cut out holes in centre of body.
Step 2: Cut 2 circles from printed fabric, slightly larger than cut-outs in dove body.
Step 3: Pin a fabric circle to wrong side of each dove. Ensure right side of circle shows through cut-out. Topstitching close to edge, attach circle to dove.
Step 4: With wrong sides facing and working 3mm in from edge, stitch together front and back of dove, leaving opening for filling.
Step 5: Fill dove with fibrefill. Machine stitch opening closed.
Step 6: Stitch beads for eyes, pulling thread slightly to create eye sockets. Embellish fabric pattern with beads, as desired.
Step 7: For the hanger, stitch jump ring at top of dove's body, thread a length of stranded embroidery cotton through jump ring and knot off ends.

To make each yoyo
Step 1: Enlarge Yoyo Templates (above). Cut a small, medium and large yoyo from printed fabric.
Step 2: Make a 2-3mm turnover around edge of each yoyo, then run a small gathering stitch around folded edge, gathering up into the middle to form yoyos.
Step 3: Onto a 40cm length of stranded embroidery cotton, use needle to thread, in sequence, 4 small buttons, small yoyo, 3 mid-size buttons, medium yoyo, 4 large buttons, large yoyo and 8 large buttons. Take thread back up through layers, knotting off at the top.
Step 4: Leaving length for hanging loop, knot ends.