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Hooray for sunshine! Celebrate the arrival of the hot sunny weather with these fun and colourful crafts.

Spring fling blower

Gather Your Supplies
- l Coloured paper
- l Straw
- l Rubber band
You'll Also Need
- Ruler- Tape
- Pencil
- Craft glue- Scissors

Here's How
STEP 1: To make curled ‘tongue’, measure and cut out a strip of coloured paper, 5 x 25cm long. Fold long sides in to meet evenly in centre. Join together, down length of seam, with sticky tape.

STEP 2: Fold 1 shorter end over into a 1cm fold. Then, starting at this end, roll paper tightly around a pencil. Slide roll off pencil. Wrap rubber band around to hold secure. Leave for at least 1 day.

STEP 3: Remove rubber band and insert tip of straw into open end of ‘tongue’. Fold corners of paper inwards, dab a little glue in these folds and hold in place until dry. Use tape to secure, then blow into the straw and watch the paper go!

Paper posies

Gather Your Supplies
- l Florist’s foam
- l Small bucket
- l Shredded paper
- l Coloured paper

You'll Also Need
- Scissors- Ruler- Hole punch- Flower lever punch- Brads- Craft glue- 5 flat wooden 3mm dowel pieces of different lengths

'''Here's How'
STEP 1: Place florist’s foam in bottom of bucket. Top with shredded paper to cover.

STEP 2: To make a flower, cut eight 1 x 20cm paper strips. Stack strips, then measure and mark centre point. Punch a hole through centre of whole stack, using a hole punch.

STEP 3: Choose a different coloured paper and use a flower lever punch to press out a flower-shape. Punch a hole in its centre. Place on top of paper stack. Push and secure a brad through the hole to hold everything together. Fan out all the paper strips to form petals.

STEP 4: Glue a piece of dowel to flower back. Allow to dry completely.

STEP 5: Repeat Steps 1 to 4 to make four more flowers of different colours. Arrange the colourful blooms in the florist’s foam to create a pretty ‘bouquet’ of flowers that will brighten up your room all year round.

Hello petal

Gather Your Supplies
- l 24 x 36in (610 x 914mm)stretched canvas
- l Round dinner plate
- l 2 pieces of felt in different colours

You'll Also Need
- Pinking shears- Scissors- Marker pen- Craft glue- Measuring tape- String
Here's How

STEP 1: Lay canvas on a flat surface and place plate on middle. Trace around it, then cut out around the line to make a hole for your face.

STEP 2: Using 1 colour of felt, draw then cut 8 large, same-size petals with pinking shears before arranging them (side by side) around the cut hole. Glue them in place.

STEP 3: From the contrasting coloured felt, draw then cut 8 slightly smaller petals and glue each of these on top of each large petal. Let the glue set before you start posing.