Real life Barbie doll twins

December 19, 2012, 9:15 amlifestylechannels

Real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova has met her soul sister in fellow Ukranian born Olga Oleynik. Armed with tiny waists, big busts and peroxide blonde tresses, the duo plan to take their questionable beauty philosophies to America.

Real life Barbie doll twins

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The real life Barbie twins. Credit: Facebook

The living doll phenomenon seems to be catching on, with human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova finding her Barbie doll soul sister in fellow Ukrainian Olga Oleynik.

Twenty-one-year-old Lukyanova took the world by storm earlier this year with her somewhat frightening likeness to a Barbie doll. Her cosmetically enhanced minuscule waist, full breasts, platinum blonde hair and large blue eyes shot her to fame on a number of social media sites including YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr, with Lukyanova commonly referring to herself as the "most famous woman of the Russian-speaking Internet".

Lukyanova was delighted to find she was not the only Barbie doll enthusiast living in the Ukranian city of Odessa. Twenty-four-year-old Olga Oleynik, or Dominica as she often calls herself, is also a dedicated member of the living doll movement and has undergone extreme cosmetic procedures which have left her looking remarkably similar to a Barbie you’d find sitting on a shelf at the local toy store.

"We met on the internet five years ago," Lukyanova has told media. "We were curious about our similarities. We had the same hairstyle, make-up, and even dressed in a similar way. Our friends were sure that we were blood sisters."

Lukyanova, who meditates on a twice-daily basis and takes time to travel in her astral body, has told media, "We are really sisters - but only in spiritual way. We have the same outlook and lifestyle."

The pair, who have been holding seminars on spirituality for over $75 a session, have said they plan to move to America soon and share their philosophies with the rest of the world.

The pair have understandably been subject to much criticism, with fears being raised that they are fostering an idealised, unrealistic body image for women. The buxom duo don’t seem phased by backlash, with Lukyanova saying in a recent interview, “I don't take them seriously. I'm even flattered! It's what success is like. I'm happy I seem unreal to them, it means I'm doing a good job."

With Lukyanova and Oleynik joining the likes of other extremely surgically enhanced dolls such as Anastasiya Shpagina, it seems this high maintenance craze of living dolls could actually be catching on.

When cosmetic surgery goes wrong:

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  1. Concern Resident11:24pm Sunday 18th May 2014 NZSTReport Abuse

    Are they Barbies lesbians? If they are then I still want to do them. They are really hot twins! Can't help but to think about how sexy they are!!!

  2. Gravitas08:35pm Tuesday 15th April 2014 NZSTReport Abuse

    No sooner did I see this photo and I knew they were Russian, (well,Ukraine then). I recall seeing one of these human barbies in another article recently. Not exactly something you forget. Kinda scarey unfortunately.A nice pair,though....Two in fact;)

  3. Joseph03:46pm Monday 24th March 2014 NZDTReport Abuse

    Watch out for that pin on your seat girls!

  4. Banzionism01:08pm Saturday 29th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    Very bad piece of photoshop...upskill girls or you will always be a joke, barbie is a plastic hollow shell, nothing between its ears, or anywhere else for that matter, there is a similarity here.

  5. 08:31am Saturday 29th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    The one on the Left Is definately a Puppet - can you Imagine the Hilarity of watching Puppet sex - their heads would shake so violently ... they might even fall off - watching them walk up a staircase would be funny enough - but If they were soft & ply-able - I'd bend them both over the dinner table & see If they're Anatomicly Correct ... and If they were .. watch-out!

  6. Tina07:56am Saturday 29th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse


  7. Tina07:56am Saturday 29th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse


  8. Pdm308:06pm Friday 28th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    I read above these two grotesque creatures are planning to move to the US. Not a good move if they're seeking more publicity! I'm sure they will barely be noticed at all over there, as the US already has the worlds' most profilic supply of mentally challenged wierdos, by far Maybe they will land a job, working together selling semi-automatic high-capacity firearms, as there seems to be a massive up-surge in sales of late, owing mainly to the general US population suddenly realising what they can be used for!

  9. Susanne Scott03:52pm Friday 28th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    wow..can only imagine the amazing like talking to a wall'... LOL.

  10. Darren03:24pm Friday 28th December 2012 NZDTReport Abuse

    f me why cant women just be normal chucky ring any bells lmfao


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