Fellas, if you're interested in being right at the forefront of fashion, it's time to start growing out your fringe.

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Social media recoils in horror as 'new hairstyle' goes viral


Celebs including Justin Bieber and Jared Leto are already sporting the forehead-covering haircut, so it's only a matter of time before we start seeing this look trickle down to the street.

Sorry Justin, that fringe just isn't doing it for us. Source: Getty
Weirdly, Jared is kinda pulling off this look. WE SAID KINDA. Source: Getty

The last time men were wearing fringes, George Clooney was a TV star and Oasis were at the top of the charts – the mid-1990s were a big era for man bangs.

Hi George. We love you no matter what haircut you're wearing. Source: Getty

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has jumped straight onto the bandwagon and reverted back to the classic indie-band cut he sported 20 years ago.

Back to the bangs, hey Liam? Source: Getty

Our advice? It's a no. Wear a quiff, slick it back, comb it to the side... anything but bangs, please.

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