Pamela Anderson

Nineties pin-up Pamela Anderson was a champion of thin arched brows.

Photo by Steve Granitz/Wire Image Sep 18, 2012

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Eyebrows then & now

A new study has found that women's eyebrows today are increasingly masculine in shape: full and flat. We farewell the thin 90s arch with a look at eyebrows then and now.

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  1. Emma07:23am Thursday 20th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Justine Schep - if you don't care, then don't read it and don't comment. Easy! Eyebrows frame ones face - make them look decent!

  2. Justine Schep12:44am Thursday 20th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    No one cares. Please post some real news.

  3. Stuart08:19pm Wednesday 19th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    sexy'n'boots whats your TFN?

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