• 5 everyday habits that ruin your looks

Everyday habit that ruins your looks: Sleeping

Although every princess needs her beauty sleep, sleeping could be causing your skin to age unnecessarily. The problem with sleeping is not the process itself (or those scary dreams where you kiss that hideous colleague of yours). The problem lies with your pillowcase. Surprisingly your pillowcase can draw moisture away from you and this can age skin. It can also leave unattractive lines over your face. To combat your pillowcase problem dermatologists recommend you invest in a silk pillow cover. Silk contains amino acids, similar to those found in our moisturisers, so when we rest our heads for the night our skin is not losing any essential moisture. Problem solved.

Photo by Getty Images Sep 11, 2012

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5 everyday habits that ruin your looks

There are lots of things we do every single day that ruin our looks, from washing our hair to talking to our friends. To make sure you stay looking pretty, fresh-faced and perfect, check out this list and make sure you don’t do any of these habits that ruin your appearance.

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  1. G.I. Grania03:31am Thursday 13th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    living in a bad community full of professional beggars, bullies, and weirdos who talk through a hole in their heads can ruin your looks. It is stress and your environment that ruins looks...A wise person is known by the company they keep out of..