In the cosmetic enhancement world, there’s always been favourites like Angelina Jolie and her incredible lips, and Kate Middleton's perfectly straight nose.

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Ivanka Trump booed by audience in Germany


Now there’s another celebrity lookalike request plastic surgeons are being inundated with, and it’s none other than Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

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While her follically-challenged dad won’t win any beauty prizes, that’s definitely more Ivanka’s former fashion model mum Ivana's forte, and it’s rubbed off on her daughter.

Plastic surgeons claim there's been an increase in patients requesting Ivanka's features. Photo: Getty

“It’s both facial and body features,” Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu told The Hollywood Reporter. “People talk about [Ivanka’s] cheekbones, how proportionate her face is, the combined features of her eyes, nose and lips.”

For Dr. Frank Lista, it’s all about the mum-of-three’s lowered brow.

Ivanka takes more after her former model mum than her dad, Donald. Photo: Getty

“When you have someone who’s extraordinarily beautiful, like a fashion model, they often fall outside the norms of measurement [and symmetry] that dictate conventional beauty,” medical director of The Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Lista told Global News.

Ivanka's shares the same leggy, lean build as her mum. Photo: Getty

“But that anomaly makes the face beautiful and interesting. With Ivanka, her lowered brow, [which bucks convention], makes her face look even more attractive to us.”

Tiffany has had multiple surgeries and spent thousands to look like Ivanka. Photo: Getty/ABC TV

Getting Ivanka’s look doesn’t come cheap. Just ask Tiffany Taylor who has spent over $80,000 and had a facelift, eyelift, cheek injections, two nose jobs and two breast enhancements to look like the POTUS’ daughter.

“I liked her classic features,” Taylor told People. “I feel more refined and polished, and ready to conquer the business world.”

'I was very much interested in the election, and that’s when I started thinking she was pretty,' says Jenny. Photo: Youtube/ABC TV

Texas mum-of-two Jenny Stuart has spent $40,000 in her bid to get the ‘Ivanka look’ with her surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose confirming he’s received more requests from patients.

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