Kate Upton in all her glory (with a little help from Photoshop) IMAGE: Harper's Bazaar
Kate Upton in all her glory (with a little help from Photoshop) IMAGE: Harper's Bazaar

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Kate Upton has one of the most talked about bods in the business, but that doesn’t make her immune from Photoshop fails.

The Michigan-born beauty has made a name for herself as a proudly buxom model and now actor, but in an image published at Harper's Bazaar her underarm has been (clumsily) airbrushed to appear slimmer.

The irony is the image accompanied an interview with Upton’s trainer, A-list favourite fitness guru David Kirsch, originally published at Elle.com. Kirsch talks about the model’s strict diet and exercise regime to get in shape for her recent film, 'The Other Woman.'

And it is strict. A no carbs, no sugar diet punctuated by the odd 48-hour cleanse is what it took to look bootilicious for the film’s famous bikini beach run scene.

The clumsy airbrushing IMAGE: Harper's Bazaar

But a joyless diet and daily “extreme, intense circuit training”, not to mention boxing for the arms, didn’t cut it for the magazine photo editor, who slimmed down Upton’s arm for the site.

The 21-year-old is one of the few who have made the difficult leap from sexy swimsuit model to high fashion editorial. While she's a true modelling all-rounder, perfectly at home on the cover of publications as divergent as Sports Illustrated and Vogue, it's clear Upton's success hasn't saved her from the Photoshop-fail files.

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