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The manufacturer of the Pupeko Anti-Aging Mouthpiece is marketing its product as an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery.

The Pupeko, which you use in conjunction with a series of breathing exercises, was designed by an entrepreneurial Japanese housewife who wanted to get rid of ‘telltale lines’ and wrinkles.

At AUD$36 the Pupeko is a candidate for the cheapest anti-ageing device on the market.

The Beauty Lift High Nose

Another gadget is the Beauty Lift High Nose, battery-operated and weighing just 25g, which claims it will lift and firm your nose if you wear the vibrating frame for three minutes a day to help you ‘create the perfect profile’.

The Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece, also available online at the Japan Trend Shop, is a gadget designed to make the face thinner by improving muscle tone.

The face slimmer, made from red silicone, looks like an oversized set of rubber lips.

For the best results when wearing the mouthpiece you are advised to make vowel sounds, which will ensure you use the maximum number of muscles around your mouth.

The Rhythm Slim

If it’s your jaw line that is causing you the most consternation you can try the Rhythm Slim, a gadget that uses muscle stimulation to overcome ‘muscle aches and slack skin’ around the chin.

Like the Face Slimmer, the Rhythm Slim (which will set you back AUD$99 before postage) should be used for three minutes a day.

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