In her ten years experience in medical cosmetics, Sophy Dennett has worked with experts in the field including dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Sophy's philosophy is 'less is more and subtleness is very important', and she currently runs a Sydney-based clinic specialising in a treatment called the liquid lift.

Sophy tells us some anti-ageing secrets, plus why she loves her job.

What do you love about your job?

It's a lovely thing when you have a job that can make people feel so much better about themselves. I love that I can make subtle changes to a person's face and make them feel refreshed and happier.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about liquid lifts. In an hour I use both anti-wrinkle and filler injections which take off up to a decade off the face. It is also called the designer face, face couture and natural lift. It makes a visible but natural difference to the person's face filling up the hollows and fine lines.

What do you think is the best thing about ageing?

The best thing about ageing is that you learn to love yourself. As we age we are aware of the imbalance we feel great on the inside but on the outside we look tired and and haggard. So that’s what I love about my job; that I can refresh the outside so it reflects what’s happening on the inside.

And what's the worst?!

The worst thing about ageing is the volume loss and thickening of the skin. I think lines on the face show life and laughter but it's the volume loss that really makes someone look old and tired.

What are some of the things that contribute to ageing the most?

A couple of the things that contribute to ageing the most is UV damage and poor lifestyle - limited water intake, poor food choices and lack of exercise.

What are people's biggest concerns when it comes to ageing?

The general public's biggest concerns when it comes to ageing is wrinkles, volume loss and skin texture.

We hear wrinkles, poor skin texture, redness and brown spots/pigmentation are big concerns from our audience - would you agree? What are the best ways to treat each of these?

Anti-ageing - to improve skin texture, pigmentation, lines and pore size every client you should be on vitamin A, AHA, and antioxidants. 70 per cent of your results are how you treat your skin at home and what your regime consists of. Visiting a clinic for a monthly peel is a good idea as it's an accelerator for what you are doing at home. In the daytime the most important thing is 30+, rain, hail or shine. UV light begins to damage your skin within a few minutes as it stimulates an enzyme that eats your collagen and elastin. It's cumulative as well so stores all your damage. I recommend clients have three or so limelight, IPL, laser or fraxl treatments to improve skin texture, tighten pores, stimulate collagen and even out skin tone.

There is an overload of information out there on do people know what to believe?

There is an overload of information out there and if something sounds too cheap and too good to be true it often is. I recommend the public to research on the internet all the info is out there. Most off all go for at least three consultations and go with the practitioner you feel most comfortable with.

What type of feedback have you had from people after your treatments?

The feedback I get from clients after treatment is that they look refreshed like they have been on a holiday. Well rested and less tired. One client recently told me that on a recent date with her husband two weeks post-treatment he told her how beautiful she looked. She said she felt like he had not noticed her in years.

Which of your treatments are most popular and why?

The most popular treatment I do with the most satisfaction is the liquid lift. In an hour I use anti wrinkle injections and 5mls of filler to correct the volume loss in the face. Most clients find they look 10 years younger. It takes two weeks for the face to settle and the "wow" factor to kick in. No one will notice but everyone will know. Another popular tx is treating the frown, it's the only line in the face that makes you look grumpy and angry. A simple three injections stops it moving and people will perceive you as a happier person.

Is there a certain age or point you'd recommend people visit a cosmetic nurse such as yourself?

The best time to start anti wrinkle treatments (botox/dysport/xeomin) is usually in your mid twenties before the lines really form in the face. By mid thirties four to five mls of hyluronic acid gel like juvederm and restylane in the face to correct the volume loss every year. That's how to use this technology the best. You will have less lines and the filler stimulates collagen which improves ski texture as well. You will always remain looking younger than your years. Four to five mls make you look fresher the puffed up "freaky" faces have up to 25mls. My philosophy is less is more. Subtleness is an art form and I believe if you can't spot the work it’s a good job.

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