Amy Zuno nearly drowned during her 'trash the dress' stunt. Photo: LiveLeak.
Amy Zuno nearly drowned during her 'trash the dress' stunt. Photo: LiveLeak.

A bride’s near-death experience was captured on camera when she jumped into the ocean in her wedding gown.

Taking part in the popular ‘trash the dress’ ritual, Amy Zuno jumped off a boat to join her new husband Eric, only to be engulfed by the weight of her water-logged gown. Footage shows Zuno climbing of the safety rail of a boat to jump in the water while friends and family cheer.

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However, as soon as Zuno jumps in she immediately begins to sink. Friends grow worried as they yell “Find her!” and “Pull her dress up.” A female friend immediately jumps in, followed by two others who manage to pull Zuno to the surface and free her from the gown.

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"I felt the weight of the dress on me. I heard screaming and people jumping into the water so then I was like, okay, maybe I just got married and I'm going to die today,” she said.

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In the video, there was relief on her face as she bobbed up. However when it comes to the ill-judged ritual she said, “I don’t regret it.”
‘Trash the dress’ has become a big trend among brides but it can sometimes go horrible wrong. In 2012 Maria Pantazopoulos drowned while posing for trash the dress pictures in a river near Montreal.

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Bride Who Nearly Died Trashing Her Dress: 'I Don't Regret It'