Bone broth cocktails are a thing now

Lamb broth in your Bloody Mary? It's happening

Five ways to protect your hair from heat havoc

We know your straightener is your BFF but before it turns to frenemy #1 and tortures your hair, follow these tips to help you maintain gorgeous hair through this chilly winter.

100 Years of Beauty Around the World

Watch this incredible collection of videos showing how beauty ideals have changed throughout the last 100 years in different countries and cultures.

Orphan's happiness mission

After losing both parents, six-year-old Jaden Hayes is on a mission to make others smile

Kim Kardashian’s New Beauty Looks

In her new campaign for Hype Energy Drink, Kim Kardashian poses in five new beauty looks ranging from Audrey Hepburn on a bike to Marie Antoinette (drinking Hype from a crystal glass) to cornrows …

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